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Article 28 — Union Matters

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  1. Local Representatives – The Union will notify the Employer in writing of Registered Nurses who have been designated as Local Representatives authorized to deal with the Employer with regard to administration of the Agreement.  Except in bona fide emergencies, grievance processing and other matters relating to contract administration shall be handled by Local Representatives during non-working time. However, the Local Representative shall interact with the Employer or its agents during working time for such joint events as grievance meetings, disciplinary conferences and labor-management committee meetings.     
  2. General Representative – A duly authorized General Representative of the Union may visit the Employer’s premises to confer with the Employer, Local Representatives and/or Registered Nurses for the purpose of administering this Agreement.  Prior to visiting any LGI facility for such purposes, the General Representative shall first advise the Vice President for Human Resources at least 48 hours in advance of the visit, except in bona fide emergencies.  Permission to visit shall not be unreasonably withheld.  Such visits by the General Representative shall not interfere with the operations of the Employer.
  3. Bulletin Boards – The Employer will provide the Union with a bulletin board on which to post official Union notices at each location where Registered Nurses covered by the Agreement are regularly scheduled to work. 
  4. Union Orientation – A representative designated by the Union shall be permitted to meet with newly-hired Registered Nurses at their work location on non-working time for the purpose of informing them about the Union benefit program and the Union’s role in resolving work-related issues that may arise during the course of employment.  Whenever practicable, the meeting for this purpose shall be held within the first week after the Registered Nurse’s assignment to a particular location.
  5. Unless precluded by a client emergency, duly elected Union delegates shall have their schedules adjusted to permit them to attend Union Delegate Assembly meetings, with the understanding that no more than three (3) delegates need be released to attend no more than nine (9) Delegate Assembly Meetings annually, from 4:15 PM to 6:15 PM.   Proof of attendance may be required as a condition of receiving such paid release time.