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Article 4 — Union Membership

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  1. It shall be a condition of continued employment that Registered Nurses  who are members of the Union in good standing as of the date of execution of this Agreement shall remain members in good standing (as hereafter defined) and those who are not such members on the date of execution of this Agreement shall, no later than 30 days following either the date of execution of this Agreement (for incumbents), or their date of hire (for new hires) become and remain members in good standing of the Union. 
  2. On a biweekly basis, the Employer shall notify the UFT Chapter Leader in writing of new Registered Nurses added to the bargaining unit.
  3. Whenever the Union charges that any Registered Nurse has failed to comply with the requirements of this Article to become or remain a member of the Union in good standing, and the Union requests the discharge of any such Registered Nurse, the Employer shall be so informed by the Union in writing by certified or registered mail.  The Employer shall have two (2) weeks following the receipt of such notice to take action on the requested discharge.  If during the two (2) week period the Registered Nurse pays her/his delinquent dues, the Employer shall not be required to discharge the Registered Nurse for failure to comply. 
  4. For the purpose of this Article, a Registered Nurse shall be considered a “member in good standing of the Union” if s/he pays the periodic dues uniformly required as a condition of membership in the Union.
  5. The Union shall indemnify and hold the Employer harmless against any and all claims, demands or other forms of liability that may arise out of any action taken by the Employer in meeting any obligations under this Article.
  6. Notwithstanding paragraph “4” of this Article, in lieu of Union membership hereunder, a Registered Nurse may meet the obligations of this Article by becoming and remaining an agency fee payer in accordance with applicable law.  The procedures herein applicable to payroll deduction of Union dues shall apply to the payment of agency fees as well.