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Article Eleven — Holidays and Personal Days

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Table of Contents

A. Entitlement

  1. Employees shall be entitled to the following paid holidays and personal days within each year:

    1. Holidays:
      New Year's Day January 1st
      President's Day Day Observed
      Memorial Day Day Observed
      Independence Day July 4th
      Labor Day Day Observed
      Thanksgiving Day Day Observed
      Christmas Eve Day December 24th
      Christmas Day December 25th
    2. Four (4) Personal Days

  2. Recognizing that the Employer operates every day of the year and that it is not possible for all Employees to be off on the same day, the Employer shall have the right, at its sole discretion, to require any Employee to work on any of the holidays herein specified; however, the Employer agrees to distribute holidays off on an equitable basis within a unit with consideration for Registered Nurse preferences.
  3. If an Employee is absent the scheduled work day before and/or the scheduled work day after a holiday or day in lieu thereof, the Employee shall not be paid for such holiday.
  4. An Employee who does not work on a holiday which she/he is scheduled to work will forfeit the holiday unless excused.

B. Holidays: Compensation

  1. n the event an Employee is required to work on any of the holidays named in Section A1a above, she/he shall be paid at the rate of time and one-half her/his regular pay for all hours worked on the holiday.  In addition, a Full-time Employee will accrue seven and one-half (7½) hours off with regular pay.  Full-time Employees may schedule this time off within thirty (30) days of the holiday or receive seven and one-half (7½) hours’ regular pay in lieu thereof, as determined by the Employer.  Regular Part-time Employees will receive this time off, or payment in lieu thereof, on a pro-rata basis.  For the purpose of determining pay for these holidays, Employees who work on a shift where the majority of its hours fall on the holiday, shall receive pay in accordance with this paragraph. 
  2. If a holiday falls on an Employee's regularly scheduled day off, the Employee shall receive an additional day's regular pay or a day off with regular pay within thirty (30) days of the holiday.
  3. If a holiday falls during an Employee's vacation, at the option of the Employer the vacation shall be extended by one (1) day, or the Employee shall receive an extra day's regular pay or a day off with regular pay.  In making the determination, the Employer will take into consideration the Employee's expressed preference.

C. Personal Days

  1. Employees shall be entitled to the number of "Personal Days" with pay as specified in section A1b above.  Personal Days shall be scheduled in advance and with the approval of the Employer.  Once scheduled, Personal Days shall not be canceled except in emergency.  Personal Days shall not be designated by the Employer.  The Employer shall retain the same rights to require work on the Personal Days scheduled as on other paid holidays.  Personal Days shall be earned on a quarterly basis.
  2. Personal Days may be used for unanticipated personal circumstances, called emergency leave days, requiring an absence from a scheduled work shift. Two (2) days of emergency leave (out of the four (4) Personal Days available) shall be subject to the following:  An explanation of the reason for the unscheduled Personal Day shall be stated upon making the request which shall be made according to time limits specified in the sick leave provision (Article 13A2).