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Article Four — Union Activity, Visitation and Bulletin Boards

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  1. No Employee shall engage in any Union activity, including the distribution of literature, which could interfere with the performance of work.
  2. A representative of the Union shall have reasonable access to the Employer for the purpose of conferring with the Employer, chapter representative and/or Employees, and for the purpose of administering this Agreement.  Such visits shall not interfere with the operations of the Employer.
  3. The Employer shall provide one (1) glass enclosed bulletin board which shall be used for the purpose of posting proper Union notices.  Such bulletin board shall be placed conspicuously and at a place readily accessible to Employees in the course of employment.
  4. The Union will notify the Employer of its chapter representatives who are authorized to deal with the Employer about terms and conditions of employment and the adjustment of grievances. Such representatives will be released to a reasonable extent from their normal duties without loss of pay to perform such functions.
  5. The work schedules of Registered Nurses elected as Union representatives shall be adjusted to permit attendance at Union Delegate Assembly meetings, national and state conventions provided that requests are made at least four weeks in advance and staffing permits.
  6. The Employer will provide the Union chapter with a lockable file cabinet to be placed in a mutually-agreed location.
  7. A Union designated Representative shall be entitled to address newly hired Employees at the South Site within the first two (2) weeks of orientation for a period of time not to exceed thirty (30) minutes.  The Union shall submit annually an outline of topics to be presented at the meeting to a Hospital designated representative.  The content of the outline shall be mutually agreed upon.  If there is a dispute regarding any topic on the outline, appropriate action will be taken to resolve the dispute.  A Hospital designated Representative shall be entitled to be in attendance during such presentations.
  8. Chapter Leader Time:  The Employer will allocate up to 90 hours (equal to twelve 7.5 hour days) off with pay per year for participation in activities of the Federation of Nurses/UFT.  Requests for such activities must be made in advance and approved by the CNE.