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Article Fourteen — Health and Safety

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A. Health and Welfare Benefits

  Full time Part time
Single $1,113.32 $597.74
Employee +1 $1,421.68 $769.08
Family $1,655.68 $899.08
  1. The Health Care Chapter United Federation of Teachers Benefit Fund (“Fund”) shall continue to be offered to Employees for the term of this Agreement. This plan includes medical, dental and life insurance coverage. COBRA and HIPAA are administered through the Fund for enrolled Employees.
  2. New Employees are eligible for Fund coverage the first day of the month following sixty (60) days of employment.
  3. Employees may opt into or out of the Fund once a year during the month of open enrollment or upon hire for new nurses.  Employees who opt out of the Fund will receive the following annual dollars in a bi-weekly allowance:
  4. Contributions to the Fund are made by the Employer monthly for each enrolled Employee based on the applicable annualized contribution rate.  The Employer does not contribute to the Fund on behalf of Employees who opt out of the Fund or who fail to enroll.
  5. he Employer’s composite contribution rate per full time employee effective January 1, 2014 is $15,731.76 per year, and shall be paid to the Fund based on the actuarially equivalent single, Employee plus one and family rates.  This contribution rate shall be adjusted each January 1st during the term of this agreement by the amount necessary to cover the actuarial cost of Fund benefits but shall not exceed the following amounts:
Effective January 1, 2012 $16,500
Effective January 1, 2013 $17,300

The Employer pays the full contribution rate for full-time Employees enrolled in the Fund, and a pro-rata share of the contribution rate for part-time enrolled Employees.

The Fund will make its best efforts to identify and implement cost savings initiatives during the term of this Agreement.

  1. Part-time Employees who are scheduled to work at least 37.5 hours per pay period are eligible for Fund coverage provided they contribute by payroll deduction, on a pre-tax basis, the difference between the Employer’s pro-rated share of the applicable contribution rate and the full contribution rate applicable to the coverage elected by them (i.e., single, Employee +1, or  family).  An Employee’s share of the rate is based on the difference between his or her assigned hours and the hours of a full-time Employee.  For example, an Employee scheduled to work 52.5 hours per pay period (0.7 Employee) will pay thirty (30) percent of the rate and the Employer will pay seventy (70) percent of the rate.

  2. The Employer will continue its present policy regarding annual health assessments through the Employee Health Service, including the provisions that such assessments are at no cost to the Registered Nurse.  Any recommended follow-up is at the Employee’s expense.  The Hospital will make good faith efforts to accommodate the needs of the RNs.  Nevertheless, if a Registered Nurse is scheduled to work the evening (3pm to 11pm) or night shift (11pm to 7am) he/she shall be paid her/his regular straight time rate for the time spent being fit tested before or after her/his scheduled shift.
  3. The parties have agreed to expand Employee Health Services offered at the South Site.  The Hospital will post the hours of operation for EHS at the South Site.
  4. The Employer will continue to negotiate discounts at local health and fitness centers, restaurants, etc. for the benefit of bargaining unit members.
  5. Retiree Health Benefits. Registered Nurses having 20 or more years experience with the Hospital who opt to retire at age 60 or above during the term of this Agreement  shall receive a reimbursement of $4000 per year or a pro-rata amount each year until eligible for Medicare.  This payment shall be used exclusively to reimburse the retiree for the cost of individual health coverage and /or out of pocket health care expenses.  An account shall be established for each eligible Employee and any unused amounts shall be retained by the Hospital.  The Union and the Employer agree to explore, with the Benefit Fund, the possibility of providing benefits for eligible retirees who cease employment before becoming eligible for Medicare.
    An Employee who is eligible for Medicare shall also be eligible for the Hospital’s courtesy discount on charges for services rendered at the Hospital if s/he a) has 20 or more years of service at the Hospital; and b) is receiving Medicare (Parts A and B).  The discount under this provision shall be in accordance with the Hospital’s policy at the time the service is provided.
  6. Employees of the Employer participating in the Fund, may elect coverage under this paragraph for their significant other or domestic partner, as defined in Article 13B, Leaves. The election form shall be provided by the Fund.


B. Safety

  1. a. The Employer is committed to take all steps reasonably necessary to assure Employee health and safety through the observation of all applicable health and safety laws and the adequate staffing of patient care units throughout the Hospital.
    b. The parties agree to work jointly in the development of a comprehensive lifting program including an assessment of existing equipment, evaluation of additional equipment and an educational program for the staff.
    2.   When deemed appropriate by the charge RN assigned to a particular nursing unit, that a dangerous condition or emergency exists on the unit, jeopardizing the safety and security of the patients, visitors, or staff members, a security officer specially trained in handling psychiatric emergencies will respond to the unit.  He/she will remain assigned to the unit until the safety of all persons on the unit can be assured and the danger (situation) no longer poses a threat.
    The Assistant Director of Patient Care Services and the Security Sergeant will consult with the charge RN to make a determination as to what actions need to be taken to reestablish a safe environment.
    3.   The Hospital will make its best efforts to provide adequate and safe Employee parking.  The Security Department will arrange to have the Hospital front parking lot accessible for Registered Nurses with I.D./Access Control Cards who are scheduled to work the evening shift.
    4.   An RN Union representative will participate as a member of the Hospital's Workplace Violence Committee.