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Article Nineteen — Job Descriptions and Job Security

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A. Job Descriptions

  1. The parties recognize that Registered Nurses are highly educated professionals whose chief responsibility is patient care. The Registered Nurse shall therefore, not be directed during the term of this Agreement to perform non-nursing functions such as the following:
    1. Registered Nurses will not do patient transporting, except in extraordinary circumstances.
    2. Registered Nurses will not be required to deliver or take away food trays, except in extraordinary circumstances. This exception from food tray service shall not apply to ICU-CCU and other critical care areas and to periods of low census.
    3. Registered Nurses will not clean utility rooms, patient rooms, including beds, except in extraordinary circumstances.
    4. Registered Nurses will not procure supplies and equipment, or post or deliver specimens to the Lab, except in extraordinary circumstances.
    1. Transporting of patients will be performed in a manner to permit the patient care assistant to remain on the floor to the extent required to provide appropriate continuity of patient care.
    2. Any patient admitted to ICU/CCU from the ED will be transported by the ED staff.
  2. Copies of specific job descriptions shall be maintained in a binder and available in the Nursing office for inspection by Registered Nurses.

B. Job Security

  1. Licensed Practical Nurses will not be used to replace Registered Nurses assigned to the Methadone Clinic on February 9, 1995 and to the Chemical Dependency Unit and the Methadone Clinic on Water Street on April 1, 2002 on a permanent basis.
  2. The Hospital will make its best effort to retrain any laid off Registered Nurses for other Registered Nurse positions that are available or become available within six (6) months of the date of layoff.