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Article Seventeen — Staffing

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  1. The Hospital's goal is to achieve the agreed upon Registered Nurse Staffing Patterns no later than the effective dates indicated and will continue its good faith recruitment and retention efforts in this regard.  The parties recognize that there may be times when the staffing levels of the Pattern are not sufficient due to unusual levels of acuity or unit activity and staffing increases may be necessary.  The parties also recognize that there may be occasions when the Pattern levels are not met due to unanticipated circumstances beyond the Hospital's control as defined in Article 10D or the existence of two or more vacancies on the same shift and unit for which active and expedient recruitment can be demonstrated.  The Staffing Patterns were developed in consideration of the presence and continuation of appropriate support personnel.
Registered Nurse Staffing Patterns
Unit Bed Capacity Days Eve Nights
2N 21 3 3 3
2S 14 2 2 2
4N/4S 3S
52 21 50 à 52----8
<50----------7 3
50 à 52----8
<50----------7 3
50 à 52----8
<50----------7 3
ICU/CCU 8/8 6 6 6
CDU 23 21-23----3
ARU 24 1 ** **
ED 33,948 visits 5 @ 7am
81 @ 11am
81 5
(after 3am: 4-5)
OR 1 RN per room      
PACU ASPAN Guidelines      
ASU ASPAN Guidelines      
Pre & Post Op
Out Patient Clinics        
Methadone/KEEP M-F:5
Sat: 3
Stapleton M-F: 2-3
Sat: 2
HIV Primary Care M-F: 1-2      
Out Patient Mental Health 1      


  1. The Employer will make a good faith effort to maintain a float team adequate in size and training to cover the house.
    2a. No float team member shall be assigned to more than 2 units in any shift except in cases of no call/no show, when an RN leaves ill during the shift and/or in circumstances when there is a major change in acuity or census in a patient care area.
    2b. Float team members may be assigned, based on Hospital staffing needs, to a medical/surgical unit or to a specialty unit for which they have received an orientation.
    Employees assigned to the float team shall receive an additional $2.50/hour above their regular compensation rate.  Float team positions may be full-time, part-time and scheduled per diem positions of varying shifts.  Self-scheduling shall be permitted within scheduling guidelines (i.e., adequate number of employees are scheduled everyday).
    Members of the float team shall not be subject to rotation under Article 8D2 herein.
    Members of the float team shall work no more than one and one-half weekends in a four-week period.  For purposes of Article 11 A 2, Holidays and Personal Days, and Article 12 C, Vacation Scheduling, the float team shall be considered a unit.
    3a. The Hospital agrees to make its best efforts except in extraordinary circumstances to ensure that all Registered Nurses will be the last nurses to be floated out of their area/unit/floor if per diem staff are working in that particular area and have the appropriate qualification to be utilized as the "float" nurse.
    3b. If it becomes necessary for a Registered Nurse to be floated, the Employer will first solicit volunteers and assign them based on their seniority.  If there are no volunteers, the Employer will assign Registered Nurses with less than twenty-five (25) years of seniority on an equitable basis within a job classification within a clinical division.  Should there not be a Registered Nurse on duty with less than twenty-five (25) years of seniority, the Employer will assign the least senior Registered Nurse within a job classification within a clinical division as necessary.  The clinical divisions will be defined as:
    Behavioral Science – CDU, ARU, 2N/2S
    Outpatient Services: Methadone, HIV and Outpatient Psych
    Medical Surgical Division – 4N/4S
    Specialty Units – ICU, CCU, ED,  PACU, ASU
    Staff Development
    3c. During the first 12 months following the transfer of an RN from the float team or from one clinical division to another, the transferred RN shall be able to be floated to his/her prior clinical division or float team as applicable no more than 5 times.
    4a. When a telemetry bed in the ICU/CCU is converted to a critical care bed, the Hospital will provide a 2:1 RN ratio for the critical patients commencing with the first full shift following the conversion.
    4b. The RN Staffing Pattern applicable to a patient admitted and being held in the ED shall be consistent with the Pattern for the unit to which the patient has been assigned.