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Article Ten — Overtime and Compensatory Time

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A. Overtime

  1. Overtime in addition to Employees’ salary will be paid at the rate of one and one-half (1½) times a Registered Nurse’s regular pay for any authorized time worked in excess of her/his regularly scheduled hours in a day or in excess of thirty-seven and one-half (37½) hours in a week, except for Registered Nurses working under Alternative Work Schedule 1 (as described in Article 9(C)(9) above).
  2. Paid absences will be considered as time worked for purposes of computing overtime, except such absences described in Article 13(K) or specifically excluded from the overtime calculation as provided herein.
  3. Employees shall not be required to work overtime except as provided in Section D below.  However, the present practice of first seeking voluntary assignment of overtime shall continue for the term of the Agreement.
  4. There shall be no pyramiding of overtime.
  5. The Hospital will not require overtime resulting in more than sixteen (16)

B. Compensatory Time

  1. Employees, at the discretion of the Employer, may be allowed to accrue compensatory time in payment for overtime worked.  This accrual shall be at the same rate as that defined in Section A1 above.  Use of compensatory time must be scheduled in accordance with Department policy.
  2. Registered Nurses shall be permitted to request compensatory time off on a daily basis subject to patient needs.

C. Voluntary Overtime Assignment

Voluntary overtime shall be distributed on an equitable basis, provided, however, that management may make cost the paramount consideration in making the assignment (i.e. standard vs. premium overtime).  First consideration shall be given to Registered Nurses in the unit, if cost considerations permit.  If cost considerations preclude the selection of a unit Registered Nurse, or if none of the unit Registered Nurses are available, selection shall be made from among qualified Registered Nurses outside the unit taking cost and seniority into consideration.

D. Mandatory Overtime

Management has the responsibility to adequately staff patient care units and is adamantly opposed to the use of mandatory overtime as a means of achieving this goal.  Mandatory overtime will only be invoked in unanticipated circumstances in which it is required as a last resort to ensure patient safety.  Unanticipated circumstances will be limited to disasters, extreme weather events or two or more unscheduled absences (sick calls, no calls/no shows or emergency absences in which the Employee notifies the Employer less than 24 hours before the scheduled shift) on the same day, shift and unit. Unanticipated circumstances shall not include scheduled absences or posted schedules with inadequate coverage or unscheduled absences other than the above or coverage required because a Registered Nurse has been floated outside his/her unit.
In the event that mandatory overtime is necessary it will be assigned in accordance with the following procedure.  All reasonable attempts will be made to obtain qualified volunteers from inside or outside the unit. If management cannot obtain a qualified volunteer it will assign mandatory overtime starting with the least senior qualified Registered Nurse on the shift, if equitable.  However, if management does not receive at least two (2) hours advance notice of absence from a Registered Nurse, it may limit any assignment of mandatory overtime to the Registered Nurses working on the affected unit.  In order to measure equitable distribution of mandatory overtime, a record will be kept of mandated assignments on a calendar year basis. 
A Registered Nurse assigned MOT for three hours or more will be paid double time his/her regular compensation rate for the entire mandated shift/assignment and double time and one-half to any RN mandated more than once in a calendar month.  If the RN works less than three-hours, she/he will be paid at time and one-half. No RN will be required to work more than one MOT shift per pay period.
Every RN shall have the right to postpone the assignment of overtime four (4) times per calendar year.  No more than half of the Employees on duty qualified to undertake the assignment may postpone/refuse a mandatory  overtime assignment.

At the monthly LMC, all MOT hours worked during the month will be reviewed.

After each 250 hours of MOT in a calendar quarter, one RN FTE will be added to nursing staffing.