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Article Twelve — Vacations

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A. Accrual

  1. Registered Nurses shall be entitled to earn four (4) weeks vacation with pay each year.
  2. All Registered Nurses who complete five (5) continuous years of service shall receive five (5) weeks vacation.  Effective April 1, 2008, Registered Nurses who complete thirty (30) years of service shall receive twenty-eight (28) days vacation.
  3. Registered Nurses will accrue 1/12th of their annual vacation entitlement each month.
  4. Each Employee's anniversary date shall be used for calculation of earned vacation time.
  5. No part of an Employee's scheduled vacation may be charged to sick leave.
  6. The maximum vacation accrual an Employee may carry shall be one times his/her annual entitlement. 
  7. Where the Employee has requested vacation time other than at prime time, and peak seasonal holiday periods, and has made reasonable efforts to schedule the time, but has been unable to do so because of circumstances beyond the control of the Registered Nurse, such as the Employer’s denial, or illness of the Employee, the Hospital will purchase all vacation time in excess of the allowable maximum.  The request for this purchase must be initiated by the Employee.
  8. Absences due to established illness, maternity leave or injury not exceeding five (5) weeks shall be considered as time worked in determining the amount of vacation pay for Employees with more than one (1) and up to and including but not exceeding five (5) years of service.  For Employees with service beyond five (5) years, the period shall be thirteen (13) weeks.  If such absence extends into an Employee's scheduled vacation period, the vacation shall be postponed and another period assigned.  If disability due to illness, maternity or injury begins after an Employee commences her/his vacation, the original vacation shall remain in effect.  Substantial proof of such illness, maternity or injury must be provided by the Employee upon return to work after any absence caused by such illness, maternity or injury.

    All involuntary absences as herein limited which exceed the aforesaid five (5) or thirteen (13) week period shall not be deemed nor considered as time worked in computing vacation pay, and vacation pay for such Employees shall be pro-rated by relating the number of weeks actually worked during the vacation eligibility year with the number of days or weeks such Employee would have been contractually entitled to had she/he worked the entire vacation eligibility year.

    All voluntary absences shall not be deemed nor considered as time worked in the computation of vacation pay.  Where an Employee has been voluntarily absent, her/his vacation pay shall be pro-rated on a percentage basis, i.e. the period of time actually worked as that period relates to the period of vacation pay due her/him.

B. Vacation Pay

  1. Vacation pay shall be based upon the Employee's regular pay plus shift differential if the Registered Nurse has worked more than six (6) preceding months on the shift which includes differential pay.
  2. An Employee shall be paid her/his vacation pay before starting vacation, provided such vacation pay is requested at least four (4) weeks in advance.
  3. At the request of the Employee and with consent of the Employer, subject to cash flow constraints, pay in lieu of time off with pay at the regular compensation rate may be granted for up to fifteen (15) days accrued vacation each calendar year.  The implementation of this provision shall not be arbitrary, discriminatory or capricious.
  4. An Employee who has appropriately resigned in accordance with this Agreement and who has not received her/his vacation from work with pay to which she/he is entitled, shall receive a vacation allowance, the amount of which is to be calculated in accordance with this Article.

C. Vacation Scheduling

  1. A Registered Nurse will, subject to the Employer's operating requirements as determined by the manager, have her/his choice of vacation time, it being recognized however, that vacations must be scheduled by the Employer in a manner designed to insure the effective and efficient operation of the Hospital, including staffing needs.
  2. The "Prime Time" summer vacation period shall be June 1st through September 15th. Requests for vacation during the Prime Time period must be submitted at least ninety (90) days prior to the first day of the Prime Time period. A vacation calendar will be posted on each unit no later than April 15th.  Once established, vacations scheduled for the Prime Time period shall remain in effect, subject to subsection 4 below.
    The Employer will use its best efforts to ensure that each Employee receives two (2) weeks during the prime vacation period, regardless of seniority.  In those instances where additional weeks are available during this period, seniority will be determinative in allocating these weeks.
  3. All other vacation requests for three (3) consecutive days or more must be submitted at least sixty (60) days prior to the commencement of an established work schedule. The Employer shall respond to the vacation request within thirty (30) days. Once established, vacation(s) scheduled shall remain in effect, subject to subsection 4 below. Vacation requests not submitted within the above timeframe may still be submitted and approved with the Employer’s consent.
  4. The Employer may modify vacation schedules if operational issues permit or necessitate, or if a Registered Nurse does not have sufficient time in the bank to cover the approved vacation as of the vacation start date.
  5. A Registered Nurse cannot take more than four (4) consecutive weeks vacation without the prior approval of the Department Head.