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Article Twenty Two — Discharge and Discipline

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  1. Registered Nurses shall be given a copy of all written disciplinary warning notices, including written oral warning notices, issued to them.
  2.  The Employer recognizes the reasonably exercised right of a Registered Nurse, upon request, to have a chapter representative present at a disciplinary interview by management wherein a response by the Registered Nurse is required and wherein it is reasonably anticipated that disciplinary action will result to that Registered Nurse and such chapter representative is reasonably available, provided that this right does not extend to investigatory or fact finding interviews, consultations or counseling sessions even though some disciplinary action could result after or on the basis of such investigation, fact finding or consultation.  An interview, etc., at which the right to have a chapter representative is not afforded upon request, shall not be considered, or included in the Employee's personnel file as a disciplinary interview or other form of progressive discipline.
  3. No Employee shall lose normal or regular pay for attending a disciplinary hearing or conference held at the Hospital during the Employee's working hours.  If the Hospital requires an investigatory interview during non-working time, the Registered Nurse will be paid at the straight time rate.
  4. The Employer shall have the right to discharge or discipline any Registered Nurse for just cause.  The Employer will notify the Union in writing of any discharge within forty-eight (48) hours (not including Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays) from the time of such discharge.
  5. If the discharge of an Employee results from conduct relating to a patient and the patient does not appear at the arbitration, the arbitrator shall not consider the failure of the patient to appear as prejudicial.
  6. The term "patient" for the purpose of this Agreement shall include those seeking admission and those seeking care or treatment in clinics or emergency rooms, as well as those already admitted.
  7. All time limits herein specified shall be deemed exclusive of Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays.