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Exhibit K — 2003 Letter Agreement

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January 22, 2003

Lucille Swaim
Coordinator of Negotiations
United Federation of Teachers
260 Park Avenue South
New York, NY 10010

RE: 2003-2005 Collective Bargaining Agreement between VNS Home Care and United Federation of Teachers

Dear Ms. Swaim:

This letter is to confirm VNS's intentions as stated during the recent collective bargaining negotiations regarding the following items:

  1. It is the intention of VNS to provide all RN Coordinators of Care (CoCs) and Nurse Consultants (NCs) in the bargaining unit with operating cellular phones to be used for making and receiving work-related calls.
  2. It is the intention of VNS to provide stands and keyboards for their pen- based computers in connection with implementation of the new visit
    documentation system.
  3. VNS CHOICE is developing a coordination of care pilot program for members who are hospitalized, or who are admitted on a temporary basis to a nursing facility, in a region other than where the member resides. The pilot will be initially implemented for members who do not reside in Manhattan, but are hospitalized in Presbyterian Hospital or the Allen Pavilion.  In this pilot, which we expect will be implemented in March, 2003, the assigned NC will coordinate care management with the Manhattan-based NC who will be visiting the member in the hospital or nursing facility.

Very truly yours,

Denise M. Davin
Vice President for Human Resources and Labor Counsel