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Article Nineteen — Business or Employment Interruption

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During the term of this Agreement, neither the Union nor the Employees covered by this Agreement will, directly or indirect ly, cause, sanction or engage or participate in any strike, walkout, picketing, work stoppage, work interruption, work interference, slow down, boycott or failure to cross a picket line, whether of a primary or secondary nature or in any demonstration or other type of interference with the normal conduct and operations of the Employer.

During the term of this Agreement, the Employer will not engage in a lock-out provided that a decision by the Employer to shut down for any reason or to merge or discontinue any part of its operations or functions in the bona fide exercise of its management rights as set forth in this Agreement shall not be deemed to be a lock-out.

The Employer shall have the right to discharge, with loss of all rights and benefits, or otherwise discipline any Employee who violates any of the provisions of this Article (and such discipline need not be uniform) and, in the event a grievance is filed, the sole question for arbitration shall be whether the Employee engaged in the prohibited activity.