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Article Twelve — Professional Concerns

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12.1 Job Descriptions.

Specific job descriptions for all Registered Nurse job classifications shall be maintained and shall be made conveniently available to all Registered Nurses in each Region/Program office.

12.2 Performance Evaluation.

A Registered Nurse will be provided a copy of probationary period and regular formal evaluation forms filled out on him or her.

12.3 Policy and Procedure Manuals.

Nursing Policy and Procedure Manuals will be placed in Region/Program offices.

12.4 Non-Nursing Functions.

The parties recognize that Registered Nurses are highly educated professionals whose chief responsibility is patient care. The Employer recognizes the desirability in terms of effective and efficient operations of eliminating or minimizing the performance by Registered Nurses of non-nursing duties such as Medicaid applications once social workers are assigned, screening telephone calls, locating records, transporting patients, transporting supplies, arranging for food stamps, completing E-CAP forms, duplicating, hole punching, other routine clerical work, etc., except as necessary or required by the Employer. The Registered Nurses also recognize that an important element in this continuing process is their duties and responsibilities in connection with the direction of the work of support personnel designated to perform such non-nursing duties. However, in order to avoid confusion, the Registered Nurse shall have made available to them a copy of the current job description of the support personnel responsible for those functions, and a description of how such support personnel are to be directed in the performance of those functions.

12.5 Documentation.

It is the intention of the parties that Registered Nurses covered by this Agreement should be provided sufficient office time to complete required documentation. The application of this provision shall be subject to the grievance and arbitration provisions of this Agreement.

12.6 Recruitment and Retention Committee.

VNSNY Home Care will maintain a Nurse Recruitment and Retention Committee consisting of two (2) representatives designated by VNSNY Home Care and two (2) representatives designated by UFT. The Committee will receive and analyze data and make recommendations to the Vice President of Human Resources, or designee, regarding improvement of recruitment and retention of Visiting Nurses.