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Operational issues

The DOE-UFT contract gives UFT-represented educators more voice at the school level to tackle workplace issues. Chapter leaders are empowered to raise and resolve a host of issues from paperwork reduction to issues concerning the professional development committee, basic instructional supplies, curriculum, space and workload for identified functional chapters, as well as safety issues.

Chapter leaders can bring issues to their principals in a one-on-one meeting, a consultation committee meeting or via email. Violations of the citywide standards unable to be resolved at the school level within two days may be escalated to the district level for resolution. If the issue is unable to be resolved at the district level, it can be escalated to the central committee for resolution.

Updates from the 2023 contract

  • The paperwork standard barring schools from requiring the creation of new documents or updated materials for the sole purpose of a quality review now applies to any school visit made for the purpose of evaluation.
  • Problems with the implementation of an approved SBO will be resolved through the Paperwork and Operational Issues process, rather than through a meeting of the district rep and the superintendent.
  • The paperwork standards now state that educators and related service providers will have a reasonable amount of time to respond to communications from their administration.
  • The UFT vice president for special education and the DOE appointee in charge of special education, or their designees, must meet at least once a year.
  • The DOE and the UFT will issue guidance by Oct. 15, 2023, on the Paperwork and Operational Issues resolution process including these modified standards.

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