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Resolution process for reorganization issues during remote era

The UFT has come to an agreement with the Department of Education on a process for resolving reorganization issues during the remote era since so many of the contractual processes we have in place are not applicable now. It takes effect on June 18, 2020.

The UFT contract defines UFT members' reorganization rights concerning program preferences and assignments, special teaching positions such as cluster and comp time positions, rotation of classes, number of prep periods and teaching periods and postings. If you believe your contractual rights have been violated, you may seek resolution using this process through Oct. 1, 2020.

Here below is the agreement we reached:

Teachers should first informally attempt to resolve the issue with the principal or their supervisor. If you are unable to resolve the issue informally, you should follow the following process:

School level

  1. The teacher will file this online reorganization form and submit it to the principal or supervisor requesting a meeting with the principal and the chapter leader to resolve the issue within two school days.
  2. The principal or supervisor will conduct a video or phone conference with the teacher and the chapter leader/union representative. If the issue is unable to be resolved within two school days of the principal or supervisor receiving the report, the UFT district representative can escalate the issue to the district level.

District level

  1. When the UFT district representative escalates an unresolved issue to the district level, the reorganization issue will be emailed to the superintendent, the principal or supervisor, the chapter leader and identified central DOE and central UFT staff. There will be four school days to resolve the issue from the date the reorganization issue was escalated to the district level.
  2. A meeting will be scheduled via video conference or phone call with the superintendent or the superintendent's designee, the principal or supervisor, the teacher and the UFT district representative.
  3. If the issue remains unresolved four days after the report was escalated to the district level, the unresolved issue can be escalated to the reorganization subcommittee of the Central Operational Committee.

Central reorganization subcommittee

  1. The reorganization subcommittee of the Central Operational Committee will meet remotely on a weekly basis, during the remote learning period as necessary, to resolve any issues that were not resolved at the district level.
  2. If a reorganization issue is not resolved through this process at any level, effective four days after the expiration of this agreement, the UFT may file a demand for arbitration consistent with the contract.
  3. Reorganization issues that arise after the expiration of this agreement will be subject to the contractual expedited reorganization grievance procedure set forth in Article 22.

If you have any questions, reach out to your chapter leader or call the union at 212-331-6311.