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SBO ratification process and timeline

See guidance on planning SBOs for the 2020-21 school year

In March/April

  • Review any existing SBOs.
  • Survey your members to determine whether you want to continue existing SBOs, modify any SBOs, propose new SBOs or revert back to the contract.
  • Hold a chapter meeting to discuss SBO possibilities with your members, what contractual article may be modified and the voting/ratification process.
  • Have a discussion with your principal about possible SBOs. The principal must be in agreement regarding SBOs; this may be done in your consultation committee.
  • Create the SBO ballot (if the principal is in agreement with the proposed modification).
  • Discuss the SBO with your district representative and have the SBO ballot approved by the district representative (DR) before any vote is scheduled or conducted.

In May/June

  • Hold a formal ratification vote.
  • Submit online SBO form and documentation to the UFT for final approval.

SBO ballot requirements

  • The SBO Ballot must include the specific contract language being modified and should clearly and specifically describe how the contract is being modified. Remember that, if your SBO is ratified, this will be the new contract language for the school year.
  • There must be a place on the ballot to indicate approval of the modification.
  • Each SBO modification must have its own separate approval.
  • Once the ballot is completed, send it to your DR for approval before scheduling a vote.

Preparing for SBO voting

  • After your DR has approved the SBO ballot, schedule the ratification vote with the help of your election committee or consultation committee.
  • Chapter leaders must notify the members of the date, times and location of the SBO vote at least 48 hours prior to the vote.
  • The date selected for the vote should be on a day when most members are available to vote. There are no absentee ballots permitted and voting must take place on a single day.
  • Request an official membership list.
  • Prior to the day of the vote, copy enough ballots for all UFT members, create a sign in sheet for all UFT members and have a secure ballot box to place the secret ballots.

Conducting the SBO vote

  • During voting (conducted in the same manner as a chapter election) the secret ballot box must be kept secure and be overseen by a UFT member.
  • The vote count must take place immediately after the voting ends.
  • Members should be informed where and when ballots will be counted. After the count, communicate the results to the staff and administration.
  • An SBO is ratified when 55% of the UFT members voting support the modification (not 55% of the staff).
  • Secure the ballots and all voting materials in a secure location in case the SBO vote is challenged.

SBO deadlines

  • The DOE has created a May deadline for session time/school time reconfiguration and calendar change SBOs.
  • During the school year, if a school requests a calendar change modification, the DOE requires the ratification vote to take place at least six weeks prior to the date being modified.
  • The UFT requests that chapter leaders complete the SBO voting and ratification process (including the submission of their online form) by June 10.