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Instructional Issues

Please Note: the following FAQs reflect agreements created for the 2020-21 school year. Information about the 2021-22 school year will be included as soon as new policies are available. 

Read the DOE guidance on blended and remote learning teaching roles.  

Read the UFT-DOE Memorandum of Agreement, 9/25/20

Teaching assignments & schedules

Can an elementary school teacher be assigned to teach multiple grades? 

No changes to the DOE-UFT contract were made on this issue.  As always, classroom elementary school teachers are assigned to a group of students on a grade (with the exception of classes that are ordinarily composed of students from multiple grades), while cluster teachers can be assigned to teach multiple groups of students on one or more grades. 

How many consecutive teaching periods can middle and high school teachers be assigned?  

No changes to the DOE-UFT contract were made on this issue.  Wherever administratively possible, secondary school teachers should not be programmed to more than three consecutive teaching assignments.   

Can I be assigned small group instruction as a professional activity? 

Yes, you can. No changes to the DOE-UFT contract were made on this issue.  Teachers in schools that have professional periods can be assigned professional activities consistent with the contract. This professional activity assignment, however, cannot result in teachers being assigned additional classes to teach.   

Can an elementary school remote teacher be assigned a bridge class if this is not the ordinary practice of the school?

No, not without an SBO vote approved by the staff. 

Can teachers in middle schools teach three or four subjects? 

No changes to the DOE-UFT contract were made on this issue. Under the contract, the number of subjects in your program should be kept to the minimum number administratively possible.  

ELL students

I am concerned that my ELLs are not receiving their mandated bilingual and/or ENL instruction during blended and remote teaching this year. How can I help them receive the full supports to which they are entitled? 

Please use the UFT ELL Complaint Form on our website at to alert us of your concern. A UFT liaison will review the form and may also ask you to provide additional details about your complaint. The UFT liaison will then work with you to find a way to resolve the issue.