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Latest updates

NYSED update on June 2021 Regents exams: In the event that the US Department of Education does not grant New York State's request for an assessment waiver this school year, NYSED has issued guidance on which high school Regents exams would likely still be held and which would be cancelled. Read more »

Information on spring parent-teacher conferences: In the Mar. 2, 2021 DOE Update for families letter, guidance is included about procedures and dates for remote parent meetings.  Read more »

Middle school buildings to reopen Feb. 25: The city has announced that it has created enough testing teams and acquired the necessary lab capacity to reopen middle school grades and buildings on Thursday, Feb. 25. Middle school staff with in-person assignments will return on Feb. 24 to set up for the safe return of students. The UFT will be monitoring to ensure that the testing regimen, the presence of personal protective equipment and social distancing requirements are strictly adhered to as new grades and buildings reopen.

Greater vaccine access for members: The union reached an agreement with major healthcare systems to expand the access of eligible UFT members to the coronavirus vaccine. The UFT is surveying all its members to develop a list of those who want the vaccine immediately, prioritizing personnel with a current in-school assignment. The union will then coordinate with  participating health care institutions to ensure that members willing to be vaccinated can do so as soon as possible at convenient locations in the metropolitan area. For help and more information, call the UFT Vaccine Hotline at 212-701-9677Read more »

Guidance on dividing in-person ICT classes: The DOE and the UFT have hammered out new guidance on when and how in-person ICT classes can be divided while promoting social distancing and adhering to health and safety requirements. Read more »