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Additional Questions

Will this late start extend the school year?

No, the final day of school, according to the DOE calendar released on Sept. 5, will be June 25.

Can I be required to hold in-person parent-teacher conferences?

Parent-teacher conferences will be done remotely, but if a parent requests an in-person conference, it must take place at a mutually agreed-upon time during the workday.

What are the additional roles and responsibility for nurses in face of COVID?

School nurses will need to be part of COVID-19 building response team, but otherwise they don’t have expanded responsibilities. They will have to take extra precautions when dealing with sick children/staff.

How do I support my students with their fears and anxiety around Covid-19 and returning to school?

Ask your chapter leader for what’s in place at their school or reach out to your borough Victim Support Program liaison.

  • Bronx: Susan Perez-Gonzalez
  • Manhattan: Christopher Verdone
  • Queens: Diane Yodice
  • Staten Island: Alain Metellus
  • Brooklyn: Katrina Foye

What kind of mental health support is there for me to deal with my fears and anxiety around COVID-19 and returning to school?

Contact the UFT’s Member Assistance Program (MAP) at 212-701-9620 or

What resources are available to help manage stress and trauma of the challenges I’ve been experiencing?

The Member Assistance Program (MAP) is hosting a virtual training session about managing stress and trauma recovery. It is being offered throughout the school year. Contact MAP to register at 212-701-9620 or