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Functional chapter members

The UFT and DOE reached an agreement about assignments and workload of functional chapter members for the 2020-21 school year. Read the memo. 

I am an itinerant employee. Where do I report to work?

Until further notice, the following itinerant staff members are to report only to their payroll school or other school as designated by their supervisor for their regularly assigned work hours:

  • school psychologists
  • school social workers
  • school counselors
  • speech teachers
  • occupational and physical therapists

In addition, the following staff will continue to work remotely until further notice, and with reasonable advance notice may be directed to report to a school: HES/VES staff, attendance teachers, teachers of homebound instruction and teachers in hospital schools.

School-based IEP team school psychologists and social workers should continue to provide remote services to all schools in their SY 2020–21 cluster as per the finalized Pattern of Services (POS). Psychologists in training will continue to work remotely through Oct. 1. Any changes will be subject to consultation with the UFT.

Are there limits on the number of sessions to be conducted in-person by speech teachers, occupational therapists and physical therapists? 

While New York City public schools are using the blended model, you can be asked to do a maximum of six in-person sessions. The remaining sessions (up to eight when combined with the in-person sessions) can only be for remote students, and you can conduct those sessions remotely. The remote sessions must be held at a time that is mutually agreeable for you and the families of the students you serve. If you have a workday when you have no in-person students, you will not have to report to the school building. You can, however, report to the building if you want, space permitting. It is your decision. The combined time that you are in the school building plus your remote sessions cannot exceed your contractual work hours.

Will schools that are closed due to COVID-19 infections or are experiencing infections within the building be identified to the itinerant functional chapter members serving those buildings? And will itinerant members be able to stay out of those buildings if they're identified?

If a school is closed due to an infection, yes, the itinerant worker will know and, no, they will not report to that building. If a classroom is shut down, itinerant workers would be informed if they worked in the classroom or with children in the classroom.