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Guidance for related service providers on remote learning

Occupational therapy (OT), physical therapy (PT), speech and counseling providers will provide appropriate tele-therapy services in conjunction with schools’ remote instructional plan. Key expectations are as follows:

  • Participate in scheduled school-based professional development regarding the online learning tool utilized by the school.
  • Immediately review all mandates in their caseload to determine how best to deliver appropriate tele-therapy services to students starting on March 23 and for the duration of the school building closure period. The Special Education Office has developed general guidance to DOE providers on how to make this determination.
  • In some cases, the opportunity for appropriate tele-therapy will be limited. At minimum, therapists will provide a weekly tele-therapy consultation with the student and their caregiver (where available) to provide support and advice regarding appropriate therapeutic activities.
  • While reviewing students’ mandates, make initial contact with each student’s caregiver, using a script provided by the Special Education Office, and obtain written consent for tele-therapy using a standard form which will be provided by the Special Education Office in consultation with the Office of Medicaid Operations. Therapists must upload the completed consent form to the student’s record in SESIS.
  • Collaborate with others in the school to develop a schedule for tele-therapy, using the current schedule as a starting point. Regardless of whether a student has been prescribed tele-therapy sessions, ensure that there is at least one touch point per week for each student in their caseload.
  • Share the schedule with the student’s family, school leadership, and their supervisor and initiate service in accordance with the schedule. Discipline supervisors will check in with therapists periodically, and may participate in and observe tele-therapy sessions.
  • Document all tele-therapy sessions in SESIS; guidance will be provided later this week regarding how to code the location of these sessions.