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Guidance for SBST social workers on remote learning

School-Based Support Team (SBST) social workers are expected to support the successful implementation of remote IEP meetings. Key expectations are as follows:

  • Introduce parents to the method for moving forward with cases during the DOE school closure and support parents with the use of technological/online services.
  • Schedule and conduct Social Histories and participate in outreach for scheduling IEP meetings.
  • Conduct adaptive scales/rating scales and parent and teacher interviews over the phone and using Microsoft teams.
  • Review the Home Language Identification Survey (HLIS) to verify the language spoken at home; confirm parents’ preferred language and mode of communication; inform parents in their preferred language of the parent’s right to have a trained interpreter at meetings, if necessary, and of the right to request evaluation reports and the student’s IEP translated into the preferred language.
  • Confirm that parents have received a copy of the Procedural Safeguards Notice and inform parents of their due process rights.
  • Ensure that parents have access to the Family Guide to Special Education Services for School-Age Children in their preferred language.
  • Develop a plan to engage in remote intervention/prevention initiatives for students at risk of referral to special education (counseling, consultation and intervention).
  • Serve as a point of contact for administrative and logistical questions from families, monitoring email and other designated communication channels Monday through Friday during agreed upon work hours. Support families with outreach to community-based organizations that can support them.