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Guidance for school psychologists on remote learning

School Based Support Team (SBST) psychologists are expected to conduct IEP meetings remotely with necessary documentation (Notice of IEP Meeting, evaluations) provided to families electronically. Key expectations are as follows:

  • Review the status of the Turning 5 caseload; complete all outstanding reports and IEPs that are pending finalization; schedule all cases ready for an IEP meeting for remote/teleconference meetings.
  • Review open initial referral and reevaluation caseload; complete all outstanding reports and IEPs that are pending finalization; obtain outstanding reports from any external stakeholders via email communication; identify cases for which parents have provided or will provide evaluations; complete all IEPs that have been conferenced and are pending finalization.
  • Provide materials/assessments to be considered to all participants electronically ahead of the meeting.
  • Ensure participation of all IEP team members, per SOPM guidance. School psychologists should work with their school administrator if they need access to contact information of required participants.
  • For all referrals, review the reason for referral to determine what level/type of assessment is needed and consider remote assessment and non-face to face assessments (as per USDOE guidelines) through contract agencies if and when necessary.
  • Develop a plan to engage in remote intervention and prevention initiatives for students at risk of referral to special education (counseling, consultation and intervention).
  • Monitor email or other agreed-upon communication channels daily (Monday thru Friday during agreed upon work hours) for messages from families, supervisors, and school leadership, and respond to messages in a timely fashion.