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Additional Questions

Blended vs remote option

Has a new opt-in period been announced for students to return to in-person, blended learning during the 2021-21 school year?

Yes. Parents were offered an additional opt-in period to return to school buildings for blended learning this year. Parents had to complete the DOE's online form ( between March 24 and April 9 to return to classrooms starting on April 26. 

If a student has been attending school in-person, is there a deadline to choose to attend school remotely instead? 

Families can switch from blended to 100% remote learning at any time.

Donating blood

How and where can I donate blood? 

Currently, blood supplies are at dangerously low levels, and healthy donors are urgently needed. Find out if you are eligible to donate blood and if so, you can locate a blood donor center near you by zip code, county or city. 

Membership cards

I am waiting for my UFT membership card to arrive. When will I get a new copy?

The UFT has delayed shipment of new cards for new members and members whose cards have expired given all the other priorities right now. In the interim, please know that the UFT-Mobile app contains a digital version of your membership card with your UFT member ID number and a QR code for scanning. You can also find your UFT membership number by logging in to the UFT website and going to your "My Account" page.

School calendar

Will the late start of school extend the 2020-21 school year?

No, the final day of school, according to the DOE calendar released on Sept. 5, will be June 25, 2021.

Parent-teacher conferences

Will parent-teacher conferences be held in-person?

No, all scheduled parent-teacher conferences (afternoon and evening) will be done remotely.

Can schools do an SBO that will combine parent-teacher conferences to one day?

Schools may approve an SBO that adjusts the Parent Teacher Conference dates consistent with DOE policy.

Can a school supervisor require documentation regarding parent outreach efforts?

Yes. School supervisors may require that teachers keep a log of outreach efforts (date/time, parent, brief note) and logs can be reviewed and discussed during professional conversations on an as-needed basis.

Are teachers required to pre-schedule parent teacher remote conferences?

Teachers may be required to pre-schedule parent teacher conferences and school supervisors should work with their teaching staff to establish the most efficient way to schedule these conferences, and the DOE can provide additional support to do so.

How long are parent teacher conferences during the blended remote learning period?

For all schools that are on a 6 hour and 50-minute model, the evening parent teacher conference is 2 hours and 30 minutes. The afternoon parent teacher conference is 2 hours. Any school not on a 6 hour and 50-minute day should consult the DOE Office of Labor Relations.

If a parent(s) or caregiver(s) is/are unable to attend remotely and requests a make-up remote conference, when does the make-up conference occur?

Teachers shall work with parents who request a make-up remote conference to identify a mutually-agreeable date and time during the contractual work day for a make-up remote conference and such conference should be scheduled outside of the student instructional day and during noninstructional time.

Mental health resources

How do I support my students with their fears and anxiety around COVID-19 and returning to school?

Ask your chapter leader for what’s in place at their school or reach out to your borough Victim Support Program liaison.

  • Bronx: Susan Perez-Gonzalez
  • Manhattan: Christopher Verdone
  • Queens: Diane Yodice
  • Staten Island: Alain Metellus
  • Brooklyn: Katrina Foye

What kind of mental health support is there for me to deal with my fears and anxiety around COVID-19 and returning to school?

Contact the UFT’s Member Assistance Program (MAP) at 212-701-9620 or

What resources are available to help manage stress and trauma of the challenges I’ve been experiencing?

The Member Assistance Program (MAP) is hosting a virtual training session about managing stress and trauma recovery. It is being offered throughout the school year. Contact MAP to register at 212-701-9620 or