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Medical Accommodations

If you have been denied a COVID-19 medical accommodation by the DOE, fill out the UFT's notification form. 

I do not have a medical accommodation, but I have a family member who is at risk of a more serious COVID-19 infection (per CDC guidelines). Has anything been negotiated for members like me so that I can work remotely?

Teachers may now submit proof of their eligibility for consideration for a remote teaching assignment using the Self-Service Online Leave Application (SOLAS). The DOE will review the documentation you submit to determine if you meet the criteria as a primary caregiver for a person at increased risk of severe illness.

If you are determined to be eligible, the DOE will notify you and your principal. Although teachers who meet the eligibility requirements should be given priority for remote teaching positions, approval to work remotely is ultimately subject to the needs of your school.

I recently developed a medical condition that puts me at higher risk. How do I ask for a medical accommodation?

You can apply on SOLAS or call the UFT Call Center at 212-331-6311 to be directed to the appropriate union representative to assist you.

Will school-based UFT members with medical accommodations be able to continue to work remotely even after buildings reopen?

Yes, all medical accommodations will continue to be honored through the end of the school year.

If I am on a leave of absence, can I apply for a medical accommodation before I return?

Yes. There is no deadline to apply for the accommodation.