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Students with Disabilities

When am I supposed to hold an IEP meeting?

IEP meetings should not be held during prep periods.  Prep periods are undirected, and if a person is asked to conduct or participate in an IEP meeting during their prep, they should either be given a prep period elsewhere in their day, or they should be paid a coverage.  IEP meetings should happen during instructional time or the teacher’s administrative period.  In the case of instructional time, the teacher’s class would have to be covered.

How many periods can centrally-funded IEP teachers be programmed to teach?

The number of teaching periods for a centrally-funded IEP teacher cannot exceed 15 periods in a week. If there are any special education teachers in the school that hold compensatory time positions, then the centrally-funded IEP teachers cannot be assigned to more than 10 teaching periods in a week. 

Are there any required components of a centrally-funded IEP teacher program?

Yes. Centrally-funded IEP teachers’ programs have two required components: (1) prepare and participate in IEP meetings a minimum of five (5) periods per week and (2) provide evidenced-based literacy interventions to students identified as at-risk and students with disabilities for a minimum of (7) periods per week. The balance of the program is determined by the school supervisor however there is a limit to the number of teaching periods per week.

Are schools required to release centrally-funded IEP teachers for central training? 

Yes. Training for centrally-funded IEP teachers will be remote; however, teachers must be released for the time needed to attend mandated training. 

Can a school supervisor assign a centrally-funded IEP teacher to any open teaching assignment available?

To the greatest extent possible, IEP teachers should be programmed to teach Special Education ELA classes (ICT, self-contained); however, if not possible and/or coverage is required in another special education period, then the teacher may be assigned to cover that period.