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Chapter election procedures

Election of chapter leader, other chapter officers and delegates to the Delegate Assembly shall be conducted by secret ballot under the supervision of an election committee.

The Election Committee may be designated by the chapter leader with the approval of the chapter, or may be elected by the chapter. Candidates for chapter leader and DA delegate may not serve on the Election Committee. When the chapter conducts an election, there must be clear notice of the process posted or discussed at a union meeting.

The duties of the Election Committee shall be:

  1. To choose the chair of the Election Committee.
  2. To prepare a Notice of Election. This notice shall contain:
  • A list of the positions to be filled. In addition to the chapter leader, the notice shall state how many delegates are to be elected: one per 60 teacher members or major fraction thereof. The school printout provides the number of DA delegates. The chapter may include other chapter positions exclusive to the school.
  • A procedure for nominations.
  • An election calendar.
  • A procedure for appeal.

      3. Preparing the ballots and the ballot box and determining eligible voters on the basis of UFT established rules.
      4. Conducting the actual election.
      5. Counting the ballots.
      6. Certifying the election to the UFT Membership Department on the appropriate form.
      7. Keeping the ballots and the ballot box in a safe place for at least one month, in case of a challenge to the results.

A copy of the Notice of Election with the Election Calendar must be distributed to each chapter member through the school mailboxes, including those in annexes and school sites, and shall be posted on the UFT bulletin board at least three (3) school days prior to the date of nominations in each site and annex. The Election Calendar must include the following information:

Date of nominations

This date must be at least three school days after the distribution of the Notice of Election.

Date of election

The actual elections must take place on one day. This date must be at least five school days following the distribution of the Notice of Election.

Time and place of voting

This schedule must be suited to the school so as to give all UFT members an opportunity to vote. The schedule must make provision for all school sites and annexes. Provision will be made for members who are out on official school business — e.g., a class trip or conference — or who are not on the school’s table of organization, but eligible to participate to cast ballots before the close of balloting. Members must vote in person; no absentee ballots may be cast.

A sample election calendar

  • Thursday, May 7: Notice of election distributed;
  • Thursday, May 14: Nominations close at the end of the school day;
  • Thursday, May 21: voting.

Time and place for counting ballots

The count shall take place on the day of voting, and provision must be made to include the vote of all school sites and annexes with the school count. In cases where positions are not contested (only
one candidate has been nominated for a particular role), those candidates can be confirmed without a formal vote.

Procedures for appeals

Appeals of elections must be made in writing to the UFT borough representative, with written notice to the chapter within five (5) school days following the election. In the event that a challenge to the election is successful, the borough representative shall establish an expedited election procedure.