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Role of the chapter leader

As the chapter leader, it’s up to you to get the process started for the next UFT chapter election. Following are the steps current chapter leaders must take ahead of the next election: 

1. You may either appoint an Election Committee with the chapter’s approval or you must hold a chapter election to determine an Election Committee.

2. If you appoint the Election Committee, you have to get approval from the chapter either at a union meeting or by written ballot.

3. If your chapter conducts an election for the Election Committee, there must be clear notice of the process posted or discussed at a union meeting.

4. A member who is a candidate may not serve on the Election Committee.

5. Safeguard the election materials the union has sent you and turn them over to the Election Committee once it is in place. Please note that election packets will be mailed to school sites. If you are working remotely at this time, please designate someone to retrieve those materials on your behalf.

6. You must discuss the election with the chapter at any chapter meetings during the election process.

The role of the chapter leader has singular importance in the United Federation of Teachers. Members thinking of running for this office should consider the many responsibilities they must fulfill