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Trachtenberg Award

The UFT celebrates the accomplishments of its chapters, the heart and soul of the UFT, by bestowing Trachtenberg awards at Teacher Union Day.

About the honorees

Each November, the UFT hosts Teacher Union Day to commemorate the anniversary of the union's strike in 1960 to gain collective bargaining rights and to honor the union activists of today. This year we recognize outstanding chapter leaders who exemplify how the union can empower and organize members to use their professional voices to advocate for our students, for the safety of our school communities, and for public education.

Congratulations to the winners:

Elementary Schools

School Chapter leader
PS 14X Fred Cassara
PS 35X Margaret Joyce
PS 48X Jeanette Cano-Lawson
PS 109X Jennifer Rivas
PS 114X Erika Comrie-Krupa
PS 157X Jessica McDonnell
PS 310X Elizette Santana
PS/MS 315X Nicole Scaccio
PS 001K Frances Moeller
PS 006K Aileen Edwards
PS 013K Nellie Rosario
PS 026K Patricia Brown
PS 039K Suzann Bassil
PS 095K Georgia Nikoloudakis
PS 135K Eileen Cohen
PS 178K Yvette Collins
PS 192K Jennifer Colonna
PS 196K Anthony Zalak
PS 238K Brooke Miller
PS 256K Bridgette Williams
PS 274K Helene Loomis
PS 308K Talib Siddiqi
PS 375K Trisha Ortega
PS 399K Andrea Rawle
PS 599K Saisha Braithwaite
PS 676K Glenn Collins
PS 71K Keith Miller
PS 018Q Mark Amft
PS 019Q Iris Diaz
PS 027Q@439 Jacquelyn Felten
PS 080Q Yevette Frazier Greene
PS 117Q Maureen McTigue
PS 193Q Joanne Genova
PS 194Q John Fazakas
PS 197Q Evelyn Carlin
PS 144Q Lori Diamond
PS 203Q John Del Vecchio
PS 280Q Monika Sendra
PS 295Q Colleen Chiauzzi
30th Avenue School Q300 Alison Lisberger
PS 003M Michael DeShields
PS 092M Denise Bullock
PS 102M Lamar Devine
PS 103M Karin DeJesus
PS 110M Ellen Gentilviso
PS 149M Sojourner Truth Gay Zacerous
PS 178M Dalia Gonzalez
PS 194M Stephanie Perez
PS 198M Michelle Bellizzi
PS 029R Brian Stephens
PS 038R Christina Kuzar

Junior High/Middle Schools

School Chapter leader
MS 217X Barkee Wilkes
MS 224X Alexandre Perez
JHS/MS 287X Pellumb Cela
IS 187K Jeffrey Feil
IS 201K Robert Swigert
IS 383K Joyce Baldino
IS 464K Mounia Asiedu
MS 890K James Enny
MS 907K Kenneth Price
MS 137Q Eric Schmitt
IS 052M Zachariah Plotkin
IS 289M Jennifer Rogers
IS 24R Christopher Rogers
XP12 - PreK Ctr @626X Marc Cohen

High Schools

School Chapter leader
Eximius College Preparatory Academy (X) Shawn Tedrow
Health Opportunities High School (X) Melody Niere
Young Women Leadership School of the Bronx (X) Amy Nelson
Urban Assembly Institute of Math and Science for Young Women (X) Damon Noland
Brooklyn High School of the Arts (K) Timothy Evans
Edward R. Murrow High School (K) Charlene Tuff
El Puente Academy High School (K) Joseph Matunis
James Madison High School (K) Maria Bucca
Kingsborough Early College Secondary School (K) Michael Kullman
Academy of Finance and Enterprise High School (Q) Jessica Herrera
Civic Leadership Academy High School (Q) Janice LaVaute
Energy Tech High School (Q) Donna Joyce
Martin Van Buren High School (Q) Camille Toma
Academy Software Engineering HS (M) John Bernor
New York Harbor High School (M) Michael Vlahovic
Susan Wagner High School (SI) Lillian Palladino

District 75

School Chapter leader
PS 396K Kim Schuler
PS 811Q @ Marathon School Sarina Raffa
PS 0993Q @ PS 208Q Lisa Viscovi

District 79

School Chapter leader
Brooklyn High School for Leadership and Community Service K616 Marcella Judkins
Harlem Renaissance Joy Yearwood
New Directions Secondary Michael Grant

Functional Chapters

Chapter Chapter leader
School Counselors Chapter Rosemarie Thompson
Administrative Education Officers and Analysts Chapter Denise Williams Crawford

About the Trachtenberg award


Ely Trachtenberg

Ely Trachtenberg

Ely Trachtenberg emerged as a teacher leader in a time in New York City when workers regularly engaged in fierce political debates centered around trade unionism. Founding members and others around in the early years, said Trachtenberg's theoretical acumen, coupled with first-rate organizing skills, made him a force for our union. What he recognized from the start was the importance of creating and nurturing unionism at its most basic level: the school chapter.

He had been an auto worker and noted how relationships that developed on the shop floor became the seedbed of cooperation and solidarity. Later, as a teacher unionist, Trachtenberg stressed the active participation of the rank-and-file through frequent chapter meetings, newsletters and social activities — any activity that brought people together. Sadly, because of his untimely death at age 40, he never lived to see the fruit of his efforts bloom into the network of communications that chapters and the UFT have today. The chapters being honored today carry on the tradition he began and the future he envisioned.