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Hello Hero

Support when you need it

That’s been the guiding principle of the UFT Member Assistance Program since its founding in 2009.

Meeting the need

As a result of ongoing levels of anxiety, grief and loneliness, the UFT Member Assistance Program looked for new ways to meet the increased requests for support from members and their families.

While UFT members’ need for referrals to long-term mental health support has increased, the ability to find appropriate counseling services in a timely manner has continued to be difficult. That’s why MAP formed a partnership with HelloHero --- to give union members and their families immediate access to in-network, virtual mental healthcare.

Hello Hero Logo

What is HelloHero?

HelloHero is a multidisciplinary healthcare company offering virtual services to support communities challenged by life’s adversities so that they may experience an improved quality of life. HelloHero empowers individuals and families to address behavioral and emotional challenges by providing virtual counseling and support groups to address anxiety, depression, family and marital issues, PTSD and more. They also offer medication management, when necessary.

HelloHero has designed a virtual, HIPAA-compliant platform with qualified and licensed mental health professionals and psychiatric nurse practitioners to serve UFT members and their families only.

The UFT made sure HelloHero is an in-network provider for UFT members’ health insurance and that billing will be automatically taken care of. It’s one less stressor for our already busy members. 

How to access care

To be connected with HelloHero for mental health counseling and medication management services for yourself or an immediate family member on your insurance plan, contact the UFT Member Assistance Program by email at or call 212-510-6366 to speak with a HelloHero intake liason. *

After MAP makes a referral to HelloHero, UFT members and their family members can expect to receive initial contact within 5-7 business days.

The UFT Member Assistance Program will continue to provide members with short-term mental health support, wellness workshops, support groups, professional development and referrals for mental health and substance use concerns. 

*HelloHero is an in-network provider with GHI, HIP and Empire BCBS.UFT Members who enroll in HelloHero are responsible for copays, as per their health insurance. Please contact your insurance company to understand your copay responsibility.