Speech Improvement Chapter Representatives

Below are the names and phone numbers of your elected chapter leaders. If you have a question, please call our hotline between the hours of 4 and 6 p.m., 212-598-7774. During other times, you can reach out directly to one of the board members, but please be considerate: don’t call after 9 p.m. or in the mornings when we are getting ready for work.

Chapter Leader Mindy Karten Bornemannmbornemann@uft.org 212-598-7774

Assistant Chapter Leaders Katherine Lewis, Brenda Caquias

High school representatives
Bronx  Elana Shoykhet
Brooklyn and Staten Island — Charlene Tuff
Manhattan  Gabriella Shakhnes-Schecter 
Queens — Jessica Krivac 

Citywide program representatives
Bronx  Lourdes Hawkins 
Brooklyn  Khadejar Danson
Queens  Kimberly Pascerelli-Klein 
Manhattan  Meredith Blackman Straker 

Borough representatives for district programs
Bronx — Jennifer Knight, Sheryl Valentine
Brooklyn East — Ava Geddis
Brooklyn West — Kesha Hill
Manhattan — Sandy Robinson, Gay Zacerous
Queens — Ana Roldan 
Staten Island — Margaret Rice, Sheri Katzen-Akelson

Delegate Assembly delegates:

Lorina Allert; Brenda Caquais; Maria DeCandia; Ava GeddisLadesha Gill BeyKesha Hill; Virginia Hill; Sara Hochrad; Jodi Klempner; Jennifer Knight; Katherine Lewis; Mayra Santos-Torres; Edward Sweeney; Charlene Tuff.

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