Classroom Resources

The “aha” moment is what teachers live for. The practical magic of learning, of reaching and inspiring young minds, has many approaches.

Here are a few facets of classroom resources to help you:

Lesson plans

Check out some best picks among the multitude of class lessons on the web that can give you a good start for planning and get the creative wheels turning. Read more >>

Becoming a more effective teacher

Honing your professional skills, working with parents, and having a stronger impact on student achievement are all within reach. Here are tools to assist you. Read more >>

Funding classroom projects

You have a fantastic idea for making a subject truly come to life. All you need is some money to turn into a classroom reality. Here are some donor organizations waiting to read your proposal. Read more >>

Educational experiences

Here are some opportunities for teachers to supplement traditional classroom learning with other educational experiences. Read more >>

What to do if you encounter bullying

Whether based on prejudice about someone’s race, religion, ethnicity or sexuality or just because a kid is different, bullying in school has had consequences for both victims and bullies. Find out what you can do to help, with these anti-bullying resources, or dowload the BRAVE resource guide for your school.

Peer mediation

Read the New York Teacher feature story about a successful peer mediation program at a Queens elementary school and view the mediator's script used by that program's director.

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