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    Transferring schools If you want a new opportunity, wish to be closer to home or have been placed in excess, the Open Market Transfer Plan gives you the chance to apply for a position at another school. Read more

  • Tara Jarvis, a former hair stylist, says when she goes to work now as a District

    The world from her classroom After a challenging childhood and a heart-wrenching 2017, Tara Jarvis is living her dreams as a District 75 art teacher.
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    UFT chapter elections The time has come again for UFT members to choose their union representatives at the school level.  Read more

  • Students use tools from the classroom toolshed and techniques they learn in clas

    This Green House Christopher Sedita is the founder of the “Green Buildings” program at the Urban Assembly School for Green Careers, which prepares students for careers in 21st-century building design.
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Second grade special education teacher Nicole Mehlbrech (left) and second grade

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UFT members are guaranteed a dignified and secure retirement that includes a defined-benefit pension.
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