• Steven Kramer (standing) of Retired Teachers Chapter legal provider Feldman, Kra

    Debt relief for members The UFT's new Student Debt Relief Program will help DOE-employed members find the right program to help reduce their student debt. Read more

  • Generic-money

    Spend Teacher's Choice Eligible educators need to spend their Teacher's Choice funds by Jan. 13 Read more

  • Nurses (from left) Angela Maloney of VNS, Alicia Schwartz of the UFT staff and C

    Care at stake At the Federation of Nurses/UFT's Professional Issues Conference, the issue of health care advocacy and legislation was a major theme. Read more

  • Chapter Leader Jackie Herman (left) and delegate Tina Schneider, both of IS 98 i

    True meaning of thanks About 200 children from eight homeless shelters across the city were provided with a bounty of winter clothing at the UFT's Thanksgiving luncheon. Read more

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PS 276, Canarsie, Brooklyn

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Welcome to Safety & Health!
The mission of the UFT’s Safety & Health Department is to protect all UFT members — whether teachers, school-related professionals, child care providers or others — from the occupational hazards that can confront them.
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