• "No" pickets. (generic)

    It's a con It's imperative that every UFT member vote "no" to the constitutional convention proposal on the back of the ballot on Nov. 7. Read more

  • Paraprofessional and Lead Teacher Assistant Melissa Calderon (bottom left) helps

    Para soars in new role Melissa Calderon, a paraprofessional and lead teacher assistent at Archer Elementary School in the Bronx, is a shining example of the benefits of the new position. Read more

  • New SESIS payments of $4.5M for members

    $33M for SESIS users The Department of Education will begin to pay out $33 million in compensation this fall to more than 37,000 UFT members who had to put up with the headaches and frustration of logging data. Read more

  • Larissa Loua, 2nd-grade ICT teacher

    3 educators, 1 opening day See how educators in three UFT programs — PROSE, Community Learning Schools and the Positive Learning Collaborative — kicked off the first day of school. Read more

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The UFT Political Action Department is active in a wide variety of political battles across the city in support of New York’s children and schools.
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