• A high school class.

    Resignations on the rise Teacher departures are once again increasing after a brief slowdown following the 2008 recession, according to a new UFT analysis of city Department of Education payroll data. Read more

  • Repairing the common core - 051-8503

    Repairing the Common Core The governor’s Common Core Task Force has called for a thorough rewrite of the standards. So what do educators want changed? Read more

  • Learning comes in many shades - carousel

    Learning in many shades He always came late. He sat in the back of the classroom. Alone, alert, quiet and reflective, he pulled out his pens and books. But his pens did not write our class notes. Instead, he began to draw. Read the diary of a new teacher

  • Truth About Friedrichs - carousel

    Protect public-sector unions Right-wingers claim the case before the Supreme Court is about the First Amendment rights of public employees. Don’t believe them. It isn’t. It’s about destroying unions and hurting the workers they defend. Read more

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Spotlight on
UFT History
Dignity and respect. Professionalism and due process. Competitive wages and benefits. Fifty years ago, those things didn’t exist for teachers in New York City’s public schools. Learn about our union's founding and its first 50 years.
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