• Preschool age children (generic)

    The importance of character education There is a profound connection between developing good character and achieving academically. Read more

  • A 2nd-grade student measures her rye grass.

    The 'wonder' years At PS 267 on the Upper East Side, students start out by observing real-world phenomena rather than exploring scientific ideas in isolation. Read more

  • Testimonial Stephanie Givans-Chambers carousel

    'My true champion' After math teacher Stephanie Givans-Chambers was assaulted on the job, she wanted to resign. Because of the UFT's support, she's ready to reenter the classroom. Read Stephanie's #UnionProud story

  • PS 153 in Brooklyn goes purple.

    Strength in unity At a time when our enemies are trying to gut public sector unions in this nation, UFT members scored an important victory — paid parental leave — that would not have been possible without a union. Read more

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