• What you need to know about functional chapters - the leaders

    Functional chapters Although the union is called the United Federation of Teachers, the membership has grown to include many other types of educators and professionals who serve the children of New York City. Read more

  • McKeown’s baby shower at PS 143 was well-attended.

    Showered with wishes Chapter leaders and engaged members organized “baby showers” in their schools to educate fellow members about parental leave issues. Read more

  • The union advantage - when unions decline inequality rises

    The union advantage With working people under attack from Republicans and pervasive anti-labor sentiment, there's no better time to take stock of the benefits you have as a union member — benefits worth fighting to protect. Read more

  • Key players in the victories for PS 335 in Brooklyn

    Double victory PS 335 in Crown Heights, Brooklyn defeated a DOE proposal to co-locate a charter elementary school inside its building and successfully advocated for the opening of a new public middle school instead. Read more

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