• On a Saturday in March, students from Rey’s aeronautics class who mastered the i

    Ready for takeoff Henry Rey, a longtime licensed pilot and a teacher at Frederick Douglass Academy Preparatory School I in Manhattan, teaches students math and science through aeronautics. Read more

  • Spring Conference 2018 - carousel

    Last chance to register! Each spring, the UFT holds its Spring Education Conference to celebrate, nurture and inspire our work as public school educators. We hope you'll join us! See the event listing

  • “Once they learn how to hit a golf ball that’s not moving, that sets them up for

    Transforming gym class PE Works, a multiyear, multimillion-dollar initiative from the Department of Education, is seeking to change the way educators and students think about physical education. Read more

  • 5K carousel

    Run or walk for a cause Register for the UFT's fifth annual family 5K on Saturday, May 5! Proceeds will go to the UFT Disaster Relief Fund. See the event listing

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