• UFT, city agree on safety and discipline changes - photo

    UFT, city reach safety agreement An agreement on school safety and discipline announced by the city and the UFT puts in place more early-intervention strategies. Read more

  • Hospital chargers chart

    Patient protection law passes Union-supported legislation curbing exorbitant hospital fees charged to out-of-network patients for emergency care passed both houses of the state Legislature. Read more

  • Gabrielle DiDonato of PS 69 on Staten Island used her Teacher’s Choice money to

    City budgets for Teacher's Choice In a major milestone for the program, Mayor Bill de Blasio and the City Council agreed to allocate funds for Teacher’s Choice as part of the annual city budget. Read more

  • Melinda Katz

    UFT endorses Katz The UFT has endorsed Queens Borough President Melinda Katz in the Democratic primary for Queens district attorney scheduled for June 25. Read more

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