• Hannah Bernard (left) and Melissa Gomes, teachers at PS 446 in Brownsville, Broo

    Why looping works At PS 446 in Brownsville, Brooklyn, looping with their classes has helped teachers become guiding forces in their students' lives. Read more

  • Chapter Leader Shoutout carousel graphic

    Kudos to Deborah Navarro Chapter Leader Deborah Navarro has built a “union proud, union strong” chapter at PS 226 in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. Read more

  • Generic - class size, overcrowded, overcrowding

    UFT addresses oversize classes The UFT began an expedited process of contract arbitration to resolve oversize classes in chronically overcrowded schools as the class-size reduction provisions in the new DOE-UFT contract took effect. Read more

  • Paras wear their heart on their short-sleeve T-shirts at Parafest 2015.

    Celebrate paras Paraprofessionals are invited to celebrate their chapter's 50th anniversary at the union's 38th annual Paraprofessional Festival and Awards Luncheon on March 23. Read more

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