Students with Disabilities

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Students with disabilities receive services from many UFT members.  Our mission is to ensure that all of our city’s children, including those with disabilities and challenges, receive the support and services they need to achieve and have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Where to get help and more information

Use this checklist to prepare for your initial planning meeting with your supervisor. It will help you develop a good working knowledge of the students with disabilities in your class, identify compliance issues that may be impeding their success, and determine what professional development and other support you may need to raise student achievement.

Contact your school’s chapter leader if you have questions or concerns about special education issues in your building. Additional support is also available from your UFT district representative and from the special education liaisons in the UFT borough offices.

Parents with questions about the special education reform and the provision of services to their child can use the DOE Resources for Special Ed Reform.

Questions regarding special education laws, regulations and policies may be addressed to Carmen Alvarez, UFT Vice President at Large, Special Education at

How does the UFT support members who work with students with disabilities?

The UFT supports members who work with students with disabilities by:

  1. Providing information on laws, regulations and policies;
  2. Advocating for research-based programs and services;
  3. Assisting members and parents in enforcing state regulations and obtaining IEP-mandated supports and services through the special education complaint process;
  4. Collaborating with parents, advocates and disability groups to improve services;
  5. Visiting schools at the request of the chapter leader to discuss special education issues;
  6. Holding citywide meetings to provide information regarding new policy initiatives;
  7. Working closely with functional chapters; and
  8. Informing and engaging members regarding legislative and regulatory issues.

Other Resources

NYC DOE special education publications
Federal laws, regulations and policy guidance
State laws, regulations and policy guidance
Chancellor’s Regulations pertaining to special education
Reports on special education and related topics

Parent, advocacy and disability organizations
Special education news, blogs and listserves
Research and best practices

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