Teacher Evaluation


In this section you'll find information and guidance pertaining to the teacher evaluation system in place for the 2015–16 school year. Please continue to check back for updates as the teacher evaluation system evolves.

See the FAQ on changes made to the evaluation system in the 2014 contract »


Advance overview

NEW  Advance Newsletter (December 2015–February 2016)
Read the DOE's midyear newsletter for teachers.

Advance Educator Guide (2015–16)
This DOE guide explains the key features of the teacher evaluation and development system.

Advance Frequently Asked Questions (2015––16)
See answers to frequently asked questions about the Advance system.


Measures of Student Learning (MOSL)

Measures of Student Learning Selection Guide (2015–16)
This guide, designed by the DOE and UFT, is designed to support schools in making thoughtful MOSL selections that are aligned to their student needs, instructional priorities and strategic assessment plan to drive improvements in student learning for the 2015–16 school year.

Understanding Your State and Local Measure Selections
This guide helps teachers and school staff understand the rationale behind the state and local measure selections at the school.


Measures of Teacher Practice (MOTP)

Measures of Teacher Practice Observation Option Selection Form
Use this form to choose between observation option 1 (one formal observation and a minimum of three informal observations) and option 2 (six informal observations).

Annual Professional Performance Review Evaluator Form
Evaluators will use this form during classroom observations for the 2015–16 school year.


Teacher Improvement Plan guidance

Any teacher rated Developing or Ineffective is entitled to a Teacher Improvement Plan (TIP) designed to pinpoint weaknesses and support the teacher in addressing them. This new quick-start guide will help teachers to understand the TIP process and the rights and procedures that have been designed to make sure that this process genuinely supports their professional growth.

See the Teacher Improvement Plan quick-start guide »


Initial Planning Conference

The UFT prepared a two-page guide to help teachers prepare for this important one-on-one meeting between teachers and evaluators. All initial planning conferences should have been held by Friday, Oct. 30, 2015.

See the Initial Planning Conference quick-start guide »


Final ratings issues

Have a question, concern or issue with your final rating? Fill out our Final Ratings Issues form »

The process for appealing a final rating of Ineffective
Learn about the process for appealing a final rating of Ineffective. You must submit the specific, detailed reasons for your appeal as well as all of the documents you plan to use to support your arguments. A UFT representative will guide you through the steps.


Have an evaluation issue you need help resolving?

Use our complaint form (for teachers)
Teachers should use the online Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) complaint form to ask their principals for assistance in resolving an evaluation issue. You must file this form within five school days of knowledge of the act or occurrence that led to this request. You must be logged in to the UFT website to access this form.

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