Dental Benefits

The UFT Welfare Fund provides dental benefits through two programs: the Scheduled Benefit Plan, which provides services through the Welfare Fund panel of dentists or a dentist of your choice; and Dentcare, a no-cost dental HMO.

Guide to Dental Benefits

Dental Plan

Scheduled benefit plan

Members may choose to access either

  • a panel dentist through SIDS — Self- Insured Dental Services (NY Area) or the Florida PPO Panel (Florida Area), with little or no out-of-pocket cost;
  • or may choose any dentist and submit for reimbursement according to the UFT Welfare Fund Schedule of Covered Dental Expenses.

Dentcare (HMO)

For members who want no out-of-pocket expenses for covered dental services, Dentcare, a dental HMO is available. Members may select a participating dentist for each family member. The Primary dentist makes specialist referrals, if needed.

Who is covered?

All eligible members and eligible dependents, as defined in the General Information section, are covered for dental benefits.

What dental benefit programs are available?

The UFT Welfare Fund offers benefits through a choice of two (2) types of dental programs as follows:

  1. A "fee-for-service" plan under which members may receive their dental services from a panelist (with little or no out-of-pocket costs). This is known as the UFT Welfare Fund Scheduled Benefit Plan.
  2. Non-participating dentist whereby a member will be reimbursed directly according to the UFT Welfare Fund’s schedule of covered dental expenses.
  3. A Dental HMO plan under which comprehensive dental services are covered with no out-of-pocket expenses, known as Dentcare.

Dental benefits are provided only to the extent that the services, supplies, and the course of treatment are necessary and appropriate, and that they meet professionally recognized standards of quality. Necessity and appropriateness are determined after taking into account the total current oral condition of the patient.

For more information on dental benefits, please select one of the following:

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