Health and Cancer Helpline

Guide to Health and Cancer Helpline

Are you or a close family member struggling to cope with a health-related problem? The UFT has created social services to help that are free, strictly confidential and only a phone call away. You don’t have to handle it all on your own: the Health and Cancer HelpLine is there for you in your time of need, just call 212-539-0500.

  • All members are eligible to use the counseling and information services provided by this program in the Welfare Fund.
  • Full-time licensed social worker and peer counselors provide help for members who are affected by any type of life-threatening illness. Services provided include assisting members with obtaining a medical leave, helping navigate the insurance system and providing counseling while undergoing medical treatment. Referrals for care-giving services; individual, marriage, or group therapy and substance abuse treatment are also offered.
  • Counseling is provided in-person or by telephone during business hours. You may want to call ahead to ensure that time will be set aside for you. Call the Fund’s main number at 212-539-0500 and ask to speak with a Health and Cancer “HelpLine Counselor.” 
  • All information is strictly confidential.
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