You can be granted an excused absence with full pay if you have a death in your immediate family. This absence is classified as a "non-attendance day," which means it is not deducted from your Cumulative Absence Record (CAR). If your parent, child, sibling, grandparent, grandchild, spouse or domestic partner, or parent of spouse or domestic partner or any relative or step-relative should die and are members of your personal household, you are granted the day of death plus the next three calendar days (excluding weekends and holidays, but not beyond the ninth calendar day from the day of death). The superintendent may grant additional time with appropriate documentation.

You may be granted an excused non-attendance of no more than one day for attending the funeral of a niece, nephew, aunt or uncle who is not a member of your personal household or the funeral of a spouse's or domestic partner's brother, sister, son, daughter, nephew, niece, uncle or aunt who is not a member of your personal household.

For a funeral for someone not included among those for whom non-attendance is granted, you may apply for an excused absence without pay.

Your school secretary can provide you with the forms and documentation required for these absences.

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