Cumulative Absence Reserve (CAR)

This is the formal name for your “sick bank.” You are credited with one day of “sick leave” on the 16th of each month of the school year, or 10 days for a full school year of work. If you are regularly appointed, you can accumulate up to 200 days of sick leave during your career. Unused sick leave that accumulated as either a per diem substitute, a paraprofessional or in a per session activity will be transferred to your CAR when you are regularly appointed. If you are called for military duty, you will be credited with the same sick leave allowance (one day of “sick leave” on the 16th of each month) that you would have been entitled to when you return to school. However, you do not accrue days in your CAR when you are on an approved sabbatical or leave of absence without pay.

When you leave service with the DOE, you will be reimbursed for one-half of your unused days at the rate of 1/200th of your then-current yearly salary per reimbursed day. You will be paid in three equal installments, payable at two months, 14 months and 26 months following the date of resignation, retirement or termination. Speak to your payroll secretary about the forms you must file to receive this money. You must file these forms within six years of your resignation, retirement or termination.

If you have exhausted all the days in your CAR and are ill, you may request, in writing, to borrow a maximum of 20 additional sick days. If you fail to pay these back by the time you retire or resign, the DOE can deduct a sum of money from your termination pay to cover that cost at your current salary. If you are not entitled to any termination pay or if your termination pay is less than what is owed, the DOE will send you a bill for the gross amount owed. Ask your payroll secretary about the various ways you can pay back this time.

You can see more details about CAR in Article 16A of the contract.

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