Queens Borough Office Representatives

Amy Arundell Amy Arundell Borough Representative
Washington Sanchez Washington Sanchez Alternate District Representative
Sandra Dunn-Yules Sandra Dunn-Yules Alternate District Representative
John Harrington John Harrington District 24
Joe Kessler Joe Kessler District 25
Mary Vaccaro Mary Vaccaro District 26
Marilyn Manley Marilyn Manley District 27
Tabio DaCruz Tabio DaCruz Alternative District Representative 27
Angela Artis Angela Artis District 28
Joyce Schwartz Joyce Schwartz District 29
Barbara Mylite Barbara Mylite District 30
James Vasquez James Vasquez High Schools
Dermot Smyth Dermot Smyth Special Representative
Bruce Zihal Bruce Zihal Special Representative
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