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Two websites to find per session opportunities are: Summer School Jobs and General Per Session Vacancies.

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Chapter 683 is a District 75 program that provides year-round instruction to District 75 severely disabled students. District 75 employees have preference for Chapter 683 positions. The rate of pay is 17 percent of current salary for those who work with this student population, with the exceptions of occupational therapists, physical therapists and nurses. These titles, along with teachers and paraprofessionals who don't normally work with this student population, are paid a per session rate...

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Summer per-session opportunities are posted centrally or on a summer school application website. After-school per session is primarily school-based and must be posted at the school. Some citywide after-school per-session activities can be found on the DOE’s website. Selection for after-school per session positions is governed by...

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An applicant with retention rights in an activity must be hired for that activity. You have retention rights to a per session position if you have satisfactorily worked for two consecutive years in the same per session activity. To maintain your retention rights you must claim them on your application. You can only claim retention rights in one activity. Paraprofessionals do not have retention rights unless they have Chapter 683 positions.

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