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Press releases | October 28, 2014

UFT President Michael Mulgrew reacted to Gov. Cuomo's statement that he intends to impose stricter standards for teacher evaluation.

Press releases | October 28, 2014

Citing a New York State Court of Appeals decision that found that tenure serves the public interest and protects teachers "from the abuses they might be subjected to if they could be dismissed at the whim of their supervisors," the United Federation of Teachers today moved to dismiss Davids vs. New York and Wright vs. New York, a set of lawsuits that seek to overturn teacher job protections and seniority.

Press releases | August 8, 2014

UFT President Michael Mulgrew issued a statement on efforts to raise the charter school cap in New York.

Press releases | August 7, 2014

UFT President Michael Mulgrew issued a statement on members of the Absent Teacher Reserve who chose to accept a severance package.

Press releases | August 6, 2014

UFT President Michael Mulgrew issued a statement in response to news that California millionaire David Welch’s advocacy group, Student Matters, will fund and coordinate the lawsuit by the New York City Parents Union that seeks to invalidate due process and seniority rights for teachers.

Press releases | June 19, 2014

The United Federation of Teachers, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, Lutheran Family Health Centers, SUNY College of Optometry and the non-profit OneSight today announced the start of construction for a school-based health and vision center at PS 188 in Coney Island.

Press releases | June 9, 2014

UFT President Michael Mulgrew, joined by State Sen. Adriano Espaillat, Assembly Member Karim Camara and Assembly Member Ron Kim, today announced the introduction of bi-partisan legislation whose prime Senate sponsor is State Sen. Simcha Felder, that is designed to increase fairness in admission to New York City’s specialized high schools.

Press releases | June 3, 2014

Members of the United Federation of Teachers today ratified by a more than 3 to 1 margin a new contract that gives members an 18 percent pay raise, including full retroactive pay.

Press releases | May 16, 2014

Ballots are being sent today to teachers and other UFT staff members in roughly 1,800 schools, and voting is expected to begin Monday on the proposed new contract.

Press releases | May 5, 2014

The proposed teacher contract was approved by the UFT’s 89-member Executive Board on Monday, May 5.

Press releases | May 2, 2014

On May 1, the UFT and DOE announced that they had come to a tentative agreement on a contract. Here are some highlights of the proposed contract.

Press releases | April 17, 2014

UFT President Michael Mulgrew issued a statement mourning the passing of Basil Paterson, the UFT's former legal counsel and negotiations advisor.

Press releases | April 10, 2014

In a speech at NYU on April 10, State Education Commissioner John King condemned the moratorium on the use of high-stakes testing for students and criticized the movement to extend the moratorium to teachers. He also announced three new initiatives regarding the Common Core. In response, UFT President Michael Mulgrew denounced King's flawed rollout of the Common Core and noted that the UFT has advocated for similar initiatives for several years.

Press releases | April 9, 2014

On April 9, the DOE announced that a new promotion policy that takes into account teachers' and principals' recommendations rather than students' test scores would take effect this school year. UFT President Michael Mulgrew issued a statement agreeing with the new policy.

Press releases | March 12, 2014

More than 32,000 teachers walked away from jobs in NYC classrooms in the last 11 years, with a substantial number leaving for jobs in nearby suburban systems that have higher pay, lower class sizes and better teaching conditions.

Press releases | March 3, 2014

A survey of New York City public school teachers has revealed systemwide problems with a lack of supplies, Common Core curriculum materials and internet bandwidth, along with complaints that students are not getting enough tutoring and library time, or art and music instruction.

Press releases | February 27, 2014

On Feb. 27, the de Blasio administration announced plans to veto nine planned school co-locations for the 2014-15 school year after determining that they would be detrimental to the existing school communities. UFT President Michael Mulgrew applauded the decision but said that local schools and communities deserved more of a real say on how their buildings are used.

Press releases | February 13, 2014

UFT President Michael Mulgrew responded to the DOE's decision to keep New York City public schools open despite heavy snow and sleet.

Press releases | February 10, 2014

A working group of state Regents on Feb. 10 recommended multiple changes in the implementation of the Common Core Learning Standards statewide. Mulgrew said the recommendations did not solve the real problem with the Common Core rollout -- the lack of curriculum.

Press releases | February 7, 2014

UFT President Michael Mulgrew applauded Governor Cuomo's appointment of an 11-member group to recommend changes to the flawed rollout of the Common Core standards.

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