Whether it’s opposing budget cuts or school closings, working with community partners or organizing to make sure special ed students get the services they’re entitled to, the union is fighting for our children, our schools and our members. Find out here about the current campaigns and initiatives in which we are involved.
  • Weigh in on the Common Core standards October 26, 2015

    Educators, lend your professional voices to the conversation and participate in a State Education Department survey on the Common Core standards in English Language Arts/Literacy and math.

  • Sign up for text messaging September 28, 2015

    Sign up to receive text messages from the UFT.

  • Celebrate the passion and promise in our public schools September 22, 2015

    As New York City public school teachers, we believe in public education and its power to transform children, families and neighborhoods.

  • Join the Union! September 3, 2015

    As a union member, you will have access to valuable benefits and have a voice in your professional life that non-members don’t have.

  • Raise the Bar November 17, 2010

    We want to make sure that students with IEPs are not just getting the services they are mandated to get, but actually getting the support they need to succeed.

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