News and Updates for Administrative Education Analysts and Officers

2018 chapter election

JULY 1: Densie Crawford was re-elected as the chapter leader for the three-year term beginning July 2, 2018, and ending June 30, 2021.

2017-18 exam schedule

JULY 13, 2017: The exam application schedule for 2017-2018 has been posted by the Department of Citywide Administrative Services. The dates below are the application period start and end dates.

Administrative Education Analysts

Qualifying Incumbent Exam 8274: Jan. 17 to Jan. 30
Exam 3036, open competitive exam: May 2 to May 22.
Exam 8526, promotional: May 2 to May 22

Administrative Education Officers

Qualifying Incumbent  Exam 8251: Dec. 6 to Dec. 19
Exam 8037, open competitive exam: May  2 to May 22
Exam 8526, promotional: May 2 to May 22

Chapter leader special election

JUNE 28, 2017: The chapter elected Denise Crawford to finish the term vacated by the retirement of the former chapter leader. Crawford will serve until June 30, 2018. UFT chapter leader elections will be held in the spring of 2018.

Negotiations update

MAY 26, 2017: Since our April chapter meeting, both sides have exchanged revised proposals. We are now awaiting DOE’s response to the UFT’s most recent set of proposals which cover a range of topics including but not limited to salary, due process rights, and accrued leave and time off. While the parties have reached some areas of agreement, we still have a few specifics to address before we finalize an agreement. Although the pace of negotiations may seem slow, we've actually been negotiating for less than one year, which is not atypical for a first contract. We remain optimistic that we will negotiate a fair and equitable contract for you.

Raise clarification

MAY 26, 2017: The May 1 raise of 4.5 percent is only applicable to titles/members who were part of the UFT contract when we negotiated it. Salary is among the topics we're negotiating for the administrative education officers and analysts. 

Chapter leader nomination process, election and responsibilities

MAY 18, 2017: Read about the chapter leader nomination process.

Pension system transfers

APRIL 10, 2017: Read about pension system transfers and other chapter news.

Retirement announced

JAN. 27, 2017: Chapter Leader Lurene Cunningham has announced her retirement. We'll be holding an election in the near future and will provide details soon.

Negotiations update

JAN. 27, 2017: Administrative Education Officers and Analysts who serve on the Negotiating Committee were invited to a working weekend on Jan. 7-8. The committee reviewed and developed a response to DOE proposals, and put forth some new proposals based on our bargaining survey results.

The proposals cover a range of topics including but not limited to salary, work hours, leaves, holidays, annual leave and sick time.

We are finalizing those recommendations and costing them out. 

Process for promoting/appointing individuals begins

SEPT. 27, 2016: The Department of Citywide Administrative Services is now notifying those who took and passed the Administrative Staff Analyst exam administered in the spring that the process for appointing/promoting individuals to positions is about to begin.

We have received many inquires about how this process will affect your UFT representation and we would like to address your concerns.

The Administrative Staff Analyst title is not a UFT-represented title. As a result of discussions between the UFT and the Department of Education, we have been informed that Administrative Education Analysts and Administrative Education Officers who choose to accept an Administrative Staff Analyst position will become permanent in that title.

You will then have the option to be placed on leave from the Administrative Staff Analyst position, retaining permanent status but continuing to work under your current title of Administrative Education Analyst or Administrative Education Officer. You can thus be permanent and, at the same time, continue to be represented by the UFT.

The DOE has indicated that it will discuss this option with each of you as part of the interview process. If you have any specific questions before or as you begin this process, feel free to contact us directly using the inquiry form.

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