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Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the Education Officers and Education Analysts Chapter website. We hope this site will help you to easily find information you need. 

The chapter's liaison is Emma Mendez (emendez@uft.org) and the special representative is Patricia Crispino (pcrispino@uft.org). If you have a question to ask, please include both when you email. You may also contact any UFT borough office during regular business hours. Please be sure to tell them you are an Education Officer or Education Analyst.

If you are new to the chapter or would like to receive union emails and action alerts as well as enroll online for UFT courses and workshops, please sign up on the UFT website.

Last, please take a few minutes to review the left sidebar where you will find links to important information to our contract. You'll also find a great deal of useful information including DOE rules and regulations governing pedagogical administrative employees.

Our next chapter meetings

We always send out an email notifying you of our monthly meetings. We alternate between the Brooklyn borough office at 335 Adams St., and UFT headquarters at 52 Broadway, Manhattan. Our tentative schedule for the 2017-18 school year is given below. Meetings are held on Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m. Please confirm meeting time and location before attending.

Oct. 25, at UFT headquarters, 50 Broadway, second floor. Directions »
Nov. 15, at the UFT Brooklyn borough office, 335 Adams St., Directions »
Dec. 20, at UFT headquarters
Jan. 24, at the UFT Brooklyn borough office
Feb. 28, at UFT headquarters
March 28, at the UFT Brooklyn borough office
April 25, at UFT headquarters
May 23, at the UFT Brooklyn borough office
June 20, at UFT headquarters

The law governing the qualified incumbent examination

A number of Education Officer and Analyst chapter members have asked about the QIE exam. The law governing the qualified incumbent examination is spelled out in New York State civil service law

CVS Section 65 - provisional appointments »

(c-2) Qualified incumbent examination.

(i) DCAS may administer a qualified incumbent examination (“QIE”) for appointment to any competitive title, consistent with subparagraph (ii) of this paragraph, exclusively to current employees who, at the time of application to take such examination, have served provisionally in such title for two or more years. Provided that the employee taking such examination shall meet the minimum educational and other specified requirements set forth in the notice of examination for the title in which he or she currently serves, as established by the DCAS employers, an employee with two years of provisional service may be appointed from the list resulting from such examination. Neither provisional service in a title performed by an employee during a period of time in which there existed an appropriate eligible list of candidates for the title, unless such list was not adequate to fill all positions then held on a provisional basis or was exhausted immediately following its establishment, nor service in a temporary title established pending proposed reclassification shall count toward such two years of provisional service.

(ii) DCAS may administer a QIE only for those titles that are set forth in section four of the chapter of the laws of 2016 that added this paragraph.

Read the list of titles »

(iii) DCAS shall not administer a QIE for any title for which (a) an examination has been administered but an eligible list has not been established [the law was adopted on Nov. 28, 2016.  The exam was administered on May 29-30, 2015], or (b) there exists an eligible list resulting from an open competitive examination that contains three or more individuals.

(iv) A list resulting from a promotional examination for a title must be exhausted before a list resulting from a QIE for that title may be established.

(v) A list resulting from a QIE must be exhausted before an eligible list resulting from an open competitive examination for that title may be certified to any agency.

(vi) A person appointed from a list resulting from a QIE shall be credited with the time he or she served provisionally in that title toward the probationary period for that title up to a maximum of nine months.


What to do if you're called to a disciplinary hearing

If you are summoned for an interview for the record that may lead to disciplinary action, you are entitled to union representation or representation by a school system employee. An interview that is not held in accordance with these procedures cannot be made part of your personnel or school file, and any statements you make at such an interview cannot be used against you in any DOE proceeding.

More information on this subject »

If you are contacted about an interview that may result in disciplinary action, please contact UFT Special Representative Patricia Crispino at pcrispino@uft.org and send a copy to Emma Mendez, the chapter's liaison, at emendez@uft.org.

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