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Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the Education Officers and Education Analysts Chapter website. We hope this site will help you to easily find information you need. 

The chapter's liaison is Emma Mendez (emendez@uft.org) and the special representative is Patricia Crispino (pcrispino@uft.org). If you have a question to ask, please include both when you email. You may also contact any UFT borough office during regular business hours. Please be sure to tell them you are an Education Officer or Education Analyst.

If you are new to the chapter or would like to receive union emails and action alerts as well as enroll online for UFT courses and workshops, please sign up on the UFT website.

Last, please take a few minutes to review the left sidebar where you will find links to important information on our contract. You'll also find a great deal of useful information including DOE rules and regulations governing pedagogical administrative employees.


What to do if you're called to a disciplinary hearing

If you are summoned for an interview for the record that may lead to disciplinary action, you are entitled to union representation or representation by a school system employee. An interview that is not held in accordance with these procedures cannot be made part of your personnel or school file, and any statements you make at such an interview cannot be used against you in any DOE proceeding.

More information on this subject »

If you are contacted about an interview that may result in disciplinary action, please contact UFT Special Representative Patricia Crispino at pcrispino@uft.org and send a copy to Emma Mendez, the chapter's liaison, at emendez@uft.org.

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Your Rights and Benefits
Your Rights and Benefits
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