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Anne GoldmanAnne Goldman

Dear Colleagues,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the web page of the Federation of Nurses/UFT. This page was created to keep you informed about our chapter’s activities and accomplishments as well as news about our union and the nursing profession more generally.

A wide variety of resources are available to you here. You will find information about our union, including the latest news pertinent to New York City nurses; updates on our ongoing legislative initiatives; contact information for your union representatives; relevant forms and surveys; and information on the various services, programs and benefits available to you as a member of the Federation of Nurses/UFT.

As you know, our mission is to bargain for better wages and working conditions and to protect our rights as working professionals responsible for the health of our city. We also advocate on behalf of patients: our contracts guarantee an environment in which we can provide the highest quality care. As nurses, we have important jobs to do — and we want to see that conditions are such that we can do them!

I hope you will take advantage of this web page to stay up to date and become more involved with your union!

In Solidarity,
Anne Goldman
Special Representative
Federation of Nurses/UFT

* * * * *

Message for VNS Nurses

It is tragic and outrageous that the Visiting Nurse Service of New York has embarked on a second round of layoffs due to its suspension in the Medicaid Long Term Care program — VNS Choice. This extended suspension has resulted in decreased patient census throughout the program.

We have pulled together information about unemployment insurance, health care benefits and the union’s Member Assistance Program to assist you.

Read this vital information >>

If you need further health benefits information, please contact the UFT Healthcare Chapter Benefit Fund at 212-982-5547.

The nurses affected by this second round of staff reductions are encouraged to contact us at 212-420-7981.

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