Welcome to the Guidance Counselors Chapter

Rosemarie Thompson, UFT Guidance Counselors Chapter LeaderRosemarie Thompson

Dear Colleagues,

As your chapter leader, I would like to welcome you to the guidance counselor section of UFT.org. This site was designed to keep members informed on events planned for the chapter as well as our accomplishments. By continually updating the resources on our chapter website. I hope to make sure it is useful to you both personally and professionally.

I also want to call your attention to these upcoming professional development opportunities in child abuse designated liaison training through the Department of Education. 

I look forward to collaborating with you and continuing our communication. I am available to answer your questions either by phone at 212-598-7776 or by email at rthompson@uft.org. Thank you.

Rosemarie Thompson
Chapter Leader

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Your Right and Benefits
Your Rights and Benefits
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