Guidepost Newsletters

November 2018
Read about the new contract, upcoming chapter events, professional opportunities and your rights on the job.

November/December 2016
Find out more about guidance counselor hours, our 13th annual Guidance Counselors Conference, National School Counseling Week, an amazing social worker and guidance counselor in Queens, our awards ceremony for school counselors, the New York State School Counselors Association conference, the Guidance Expo, this year's Teacher's Choice increase, paperwork reduction standards and repurposed time.

Spring 2016
Find out more about the Friedrichs case in the Supreme Court, the New York state budget, our Union Loud and Proud campaign, an update on Borough Field Support Centers and the Open Market Transfer Period.

Fall 2015
Information about our guidance counselor seminar series, our annual guidance counselors conference, lump-sum payment calculations, our chapter website, Teacher's Choice, new borough field support centers, our new professional development committee, new paperwork reduction standards, repurposed time and signing up for UFT text messages.

Spring 2015
A recap of our annual conference and awards ceremony, information about college fairs, our new joint professional development committee, top issues for the chancellor, restructuring of the DOE, new paperwork reduction standards, repurposed time, chapter election report, and future meetings.

Fall 2014
Information about the new DOE Office of Guidance and School Counseling, ATRs, repurposed time, important dates, injury in the line of duty and securing your property in schools.

Spring 2014
Information about the new DOE Office of Guidance and School Counseling, good news for counselors in excess, hiring restrictions, the 10th annual Guidance Counselors Conference, the new contract and the 28th annual Guidance Counselor Recognition Day.

Sept. 13, 2013
Information about ACR guidance counselor rotation, guidance counselor evaluation and tenure requirements.

Sept. 10, 2013
Information about the Wall Street Finance and Scholastic Track Program for high school juniors and seniors.

Spring 2011
Information about letters in files, guidance counselor working hours, social networking, transfers and the UFT Spring Conference.

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