Guidance Counselors Chapter Representatives

Chapter Leader Rosemarie Thompson,

Assistant to the Chapter Leader Regine Dejean

Recording Secretary Varinia Rodriguez 

Corresponding Secretary Lia Galeano

Vice Chairperson, Elementary Giovanni Oramas

Vice Chairperson, IS/JHS Brenda Rodriguez

Vice Chairperson, High School Diana Murillo

Treasurer Kerron Kitchen 

At large counselor Emelina Camacho-Mendez

At large counselor Karen Konstan

At large counselor Ingrid Paulino

The guidance counselor chapter is entitled to one delegate for every 60 counselors.

Our elected delegates for the three-year term, beginning July 1, 2015:

Linda Akucewice-Pinzon, Jerard Armstrong, Stephen Burd; Emelina Camacho-Mendez; Sonia Christie; Catalina Cruz; Regine Dejean; Felix DeLaCruz; Elizabeth Duberstein; Thomas Erickson; Claude Ertel; Pamela Foreman; Kerry Fowler; Lia Galeano; Jan Halsbond; Reverly Holder; June James Kaviar; Kerron Kitchen; Karen Konstan; Marissa Kropp; Marjorie M Miller; Helen Morales; Diana Murillo; Lisa Nieves; Giovanni Oramas; Margie Pardo; Ingrid Paulino; Maria Prieto; April Quinones; Tiffany Rios; Betty Robles; Brenda Rodriguez; Varinia Rodriguez; Lucia Rojas; Sharon Small; Nancy Vargas; Madeline Velez; Diane Washington; Mark Wellansky.

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