Hearing Officers (Per Session)

A Message From Your Chapter Leader

Dear Hearing Officers,

At a second labor/management meeting on Sept. 27, 2016, we discussed the central issue of consolidation, a topic that weighs heavily on our minds. Please see the notes below from that meeting. Your colleagues, Laura Fieber, Ian Jack Miller and Joan Silverman, voiced our concerns to management.  

We successfully resolved our first grievance that primarily concerned scheduling. Specifically, a hearing officer was limited to working in one borough because she was assigned to the same, despite traditionally working in two boroughs. As a result of the grievance, she can put in for time in both boroughs from this point forward. Should you find yourself in a similar predicament, please let me know. We are here to help.

In other developments, those of you who submitted an orange membership application are now active in the UFT membership system and can take advantage of the benefits the UFT offers. Please check out the member benefits sections on the websites of the New York State United Teachers and the American Federation of Teachers. (See links below.) You should have received a NYSUT membership card at your home address. However, you do not need to wait to receive the card to use your benefits.

If you have not received an orange membership application, or if you have not received a NYSUT membership card,  please let me know and I will send you replacements.

Last, but not least, we welcome participation from everyone. We need you to let us know what happens in your offices — they are all run so differently. I encourage you to help us fight for you by staying active in our chapter and participating in union events. To those who have expressed an interest in doing so, thank you! Stay in touch, and never hesitate to reach out to me with questions you may have. Please contact me at sofia.balile@gmail.com.


Sofia Balile
Hearing Officers Chapter Leader

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Hearing Officers (Per Session) Contract

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HOPS-UFT Labor Management Committee 9 27 16

Labor-management (UFT) meeting minutes 9 27 16

Labor-management meeting minutes, May 2016


Articles of interest for members

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New York Teacher, June 3, 2015

A brief history of the chapter
by Laura Fieber and Andrea Pfeiffer


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