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The Hearing Officers (per session) Chapter represents city judges who conduct hearings at various offices around the city. Hearing officers are lawyers who write decisions in cases involving alleged violations of local laws, as well as the city’s rules and regulations and any other laws or rules within the jurisdiction of the Hearings Division of the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings. These cases involve, but are not limited to, building violations, waste disposal, street vendors, air, noise and water pollution, and restaurant and public health. The UFT represents about 170 hearing officers (per session). The chapter was officially certified in September 2007. 

In June 2018, negotiations began for our chapter's new contract. The contract was ratified in May 2015 and expires in February 2019. Members of the chapter may contact me at sofia.balile@gmail.com with questions about negotiations, suggestions about your workplace, or any other work-related topic. Members are eligible for UFT benefits as well as those offered through our state and national affiliates, NYSUT and AFT respectively.

I would like to remind chapter members to report all safety incidents/concerns at the tribunals to the UFT by using the online UFT safety incident report form. By reporting incidents, we can work toward a safer work environment for all.

Sofia Balile
Hearing Officers Chapter Leader


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Important Documents

Hearing Officers (Per Session) Contract

Salary Scale

HOPS-UFT Labor Management Committee 9 27 16

Labor-management (UFT) meeting minutes 9 27 16

Labor-management meeting minutes, May 2016


Articles of interest for members

What I do: Neil Tolciss, administrative law judge
New York Teacher, Sept. 9, 2015

Administrative law judges ratify first contract
New York Teacher, June 3, 2015

A brief history of the chapter
by Laura Fieber and Andrea Pfeiffer


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Your Rights and Benefits
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